Magnat Monitor Reference 3A
Magnat Monitor Reference 3A
Magnat Monitor Reference 3A

Magnat Monitor Reference 3A: Detailed active speakers

Unlike the generally accepted approach, when a manufacturer takes any series of passive speakers from its range as a basis for active acoustics, Magnat developed the Monitor Reference line virtually from scratch. The design implements a popular concept where all the electronic stuff, including amplifiers, DACs, wireless adapters and switching arsenal, is concentrated in one of the speakers, and the second, which is actually an ordinary passive speaker, is connected to the first with an acoustic cable.


The right speaker system houses a stereo amplifier operating in class D and developing up to 40 Watts in each channel (at the same time, peak power values ​​can reach 80 Watts). In addition, there is a DAC module capable of working with PCM digital stream with parameters up to 24 bit / 192 kHz, as well as a phono preamplifier unit for moving magnet (MM) heads – so, you can build on the basis of Magnat Monitor Reference 3A monitors a compact system for listening to vinyl – you just need to add the player itself. But most likely the main channel for broadcasting music to monitors will be Bluetooth. Magnat Monitor Reference 3A is equipped with an adapter of the current version 5.0 with support for the aptX codec, which provides the best sound quality.

Among the switching features, we note the presence of an HDMI port that supports the ARC audio return channel. That is, if you use the Magnat Monitor Reference 3A as an external audio system for a TV, then it is advisable to make the connection via HDMI – you just need to make sure that the TV port selected for connecting monitors also supports ARC.


In addition, on the back wall of the right monitor you can find a pair of RCA connectors with a switch for the type of this input – analog linear or phono preamplifier input, digital optical Toslink input and analog input on a minijack connector. The only thing you can regret is the lack of a USB-B port for connecting a computer “digitally” – using the Magnat Monitor Reference 3A as serious acoustics for your laptop seems quite logical. In addition to the switching connectors, on the back wall of the right monitor there are acoustic terminals for connecting the left passive monitor, as well as a push-button rotary handle that allows you to adjust the volume and switch inputs. But, of course, the most convenient way to control the system is with the small remote control included in the kit.

The Magnat Monitor Reference 3A two-way monitors are equipped with the same speakers that work in the older floor-standing model with the 5A index – an inch soft dome tweeter, as well as a midrange/bass driver with a polymer diffuser with a diameter of 170 mm. A pair of such speakers is installed in the floor-standing model. The drivers operate in a phase-inverted acoustic design with a large port located on the rear wall of the case, which must be taken into account when installing monitors – in order to avoid degradation of the bass register, it is better to ensure sufficient clearance between the speakers and the wall behind them. The compact monitor housing is made of dense MDF panels and trimmed with black vinyl film that imitates ash veneer.


The sound of Magnat Monitor Reference 3A active monitors is distinguished by an airy and very comfortable presentation of the high-frequency spectrum, combined with elastic and lively bass. The monitors do not try to dive deeper than their low-frequency capabilities, but within their limits they form a solid foundation, fervently and clearly working out the rhythm. And amplifiers optimally matched to the speakers play an important role here. Airy and emotional sound, rich in fine detail, features natural tones and is supported by impressive bass. We also note the very clear positioning of virtual sound sources in space and the ability of monitors to form a large-scale scene.

Characteristics of Monitor Reference 3A

Active acoustic Bluetooth stereo system with phono stage
Design: 2-way, bass-reflex type
Output power (RMS/max): 2 x 40 / 2 x 80 watts
Frequency range: 34 – 40,000 Hz
Crossover frequency: 3.3 kHz
Inputs: HDMI ® with ARC and CEC functions (with the ability to control speaker systems using the TV remote control), aptx® Bluetooth® (version 5.0), Optical digital input, analog stereo input 3.5, Analog stereo input (RCA R/L) with switchable preamplifier – corrector for vinyl players with MM
pickup Housing material: MDF
Color (front panel/casing): black satin/black
Dimensions (WxHxD): 205 x 335 x 252 mm
Weight (active speaker/passive speaker): 6.4 kg. / 5.8 kg.

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