Martin Logan Motion XT B100
Martin Logan Motion XT B100
Martin Logan Motion XT B100

Martin Logan Motion XT B100: Speakers with unparalleled sound quality

The latest Motion XT speakers feature cutting-edge technology and the highest quality materials to deliver truly unparalleled sound quality. Their sleek, sophisticated design is an artful addition to any decor. Available in three finishes: walnut, satin white or gloss black, these speakers will make a sophisticated addition to any discerning person’s home. Improve your sound quality and enhance your space with Motion XT Series speakers.


The Martin Logan Motion XT B100 is a bookshelf speaker for those who want maximum performance without upgrading to a floor-standing version. The Gen2 Folded Motion XT tweeter and Nomex Kevlar reinforced woofer deliver exceptional clarity and precision, making the B100 ideal for 2-channel or home theater setups. For those who want to mount their speakers on a stand, the B100 is threaded to securely mount to our matching bookshelf speaker stand for maximum stability. (STAND25 sold separately).

The Gen2 Obsidian FMT XT tweeter has been upgraded with a larger driver to provide higher output power and lower distortion. FMT XT offers the lightest, most detailed sound in the Motion XT line with 40% more surface area than the proprietary FMT. In addition to the legendary electrostatic drivers, these new tweeters deliver the clearest, most detailed, and most accurate high-frequency reproduction available today.


After carefully evaluating nearly 50 design options, the Folded Motion waveguide profile was selected to harmonize with the dispersion of the midrange drivers, resulting in increased power output. The waveguide ensures consistent sound quality regardless of listening position and minimizes unwanted reflections in the room. Proper waveguide design is critical as it helps control the sound dispersion pattern, ensuring it is evenly distributed throughout the listening area and provides optimal sound quality.

The Nomex and Kevlar Midrange in the Motion XT Series offers the perfect balance of lightweight, durable, anti-resonance and ringing suppression properties for unrivaled sound quality. When paired with the Gen2 Obsidian FMT XT, the clarity of vocals, dialogue, and instrumental precision is unmatched at any volume. Full integration with Motion XT products makes it easy to create custom solutions.

Characteristics Martin Logan Motion XT B100

Acoustic design: Bass reflex
Recommended power, W: 20 – 250
Sensitivity, dB: 93
Resistance, Ohm: 4
Frequency range, Hz – kHz: 45 – 25
Number of speakers, pcs.: 2
Number of bands, pcs.: 2
Treble speaker: 1 x (3.2 x 6.1 cm), Gen2 Obsidian Folded Motion XT
Woofer: 1 x 165 mm, Nomex Reinforced Kevlar
Bass reflex: Rear
Crossover frequency, Hz/kHz: 2.6
Bi-wiring/ampling connection: Yes
Connecting connectors input: Acoustic 2 pairs
Dimensions, mm: 368 x 203 x 318
Weight, kg: 9.3