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Martin Logan Verse

Martin Logan Verse: Advanced high-resolution soundbar

What you can always count on when dealing with Martin Logan is progress and the development of new ideas, supported by a dedicated team. All this is aimed at confirming the company’s impeccable reputation. Martin Logan Verse can immerse you in a world of devastating explosions, gentle whispers and crystal silence, immersing you in the emotional heart of music.

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The Martin Logan Verse soundbar is a completely independent product. The Martin Logan Verse soundbar is available in both wall and table mounting. No special brackets are required in any version – the kit includes a template to simplify installation. In case the receiver on the TV is blocked when installing the soundbar, an IR signal repeater is provided. It also has its own small remote control. A basic set of keys is left on the device itself, which is already a rarity for soundbars. In order not to violate the design minimalism, they are placed on the rear (in the wall-mounted version – on the top) wall of the case.

The switch ports are hidden in a special niche, and cables can be effectively tucked out of sight in any type of placement. The set of inputs suggests that Martin Logan Verse is primarily designed to expand the audio capabilities of the TV. There are two digital S/PDIF ports, an analog stereo input on two RCA connectors, a LAN network port and a subwoofer output (RCA). The acoustic part of the device has three speakers for each of the two channels.

From an audio track in Dolby Digital or DTS format received via a digital path, virtual surround sound is formed, without loss of information intended for the center and rear channels.

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The Bluetooth wireless interface provides convenient communication with both portable and stationary devices. Although the soundbar is perceived as an addition to the TV, this model is prepared to work with musical material no worse than any specialized audio system. The device is capable of playing high-resolution audio with parameters up to 24 bit / 192 kHz. In addition to simulating surround sound, digital audio processing features include improving dialogue intelligibility and expanding the frequency range of compressed audio files.

Both look like very useful functions, and various equalizer programs will optimally adjust the sound of the system for a specific task literally by pressing a native button. The Bluetooth wireless channel works here in both directions – you can use the Martin Logan Verse as a wireless speaker for your smartphone or, on the contrary, broadcast sound from the soundbar to wireless headphones. This, by the way, is a convenient addition to the TV’s capabilities for lovers of late-night viewing.

Specifications Martin Logan Verse


Amplifier 270W Dynamic Peak; 135 W RMS
Anthem Room Correction – ARC™, with included calibrated microphone
Wideband dynamic driver
Sensitivity room/Anechoic 89 dB
DSP based preamp, Dolby® Digital, DTS Digital Surround™
Bluetooth wireless receiver, Qualcomm APT-X™
Inputs: 2 Optical SPDIF (digital optical), 2 analog stereo RCA
Outputs: 1 HDMI with audio return channel, 2 IR, 1 Sub
Weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions WxHxD 10 cm × 110 cm × 17 cm

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