MartinLogan Motion 2i
MartinLogan Motion 2i
MartinLogan Motion 2i

MartinLogan Motion 2i: Compact high-end speakers

Inspired by the world-renowned achievements of ultra-high-end electrostatic loudspeakers, MartinLogan engineers created the Motion® Series to bring stunningly detailed sound to more music lovers in their stereo or home theater systems. The MartinLogan Motion® family of relatively inexpensive and compact speakers and miniature satellites are designed using proprietary Folded Motion™ HF drivers operating on the “Hale converter” principle. Compared to a traditional 1-inch dome tweeter, the new Folded Motion™ HF source has 8 times the radiator area, is much more efficient, and has wide, controlled dispersion. Its sound is characterized by openness, highest resolution and detail. In addition to premium precision, Motion® loudspeakers offer elegant style with impeccable gloss, smooth contours, and uniquely shaped cabinets. Beauty and thoughtfulness – down to the last detail!


All acoustic systems of the “moving” series – center channel loudspeakers, as well as satellites – are equipped with a unique Folded Motion tweeter. This technology, coupled with Vojtko’s renowned crossover, provides incredibly low distortion in the audible frequency range.

From Motion acoustics you can assemble stylish and high-quality sounding music systems and home theater sets – from simple 2.1 solutions and classic 5.1 systems to the most advanced multi-channel configurations of 6.1–7.2 formats.


The acoustics of the new Motion series from MartinLogan have already participated in our tests twice. Now the younger model, Motion 2i, will defend the honor of the American brand. These are the most compact and lightest speakers in this review. Their cases are cast from special plastic with such quality that they look as if they were varnished. There are other design differences: the shallow depth and slightly sloping front panel, making the American monitors better suited for desktop installation than other tested ones. Accordingly, MartinLogan Motion 2i occupy a minimum of space, the radiation axis is directed directly at the listener.

However, these speakers have a very modest displacement and a closed acoustic design, so if you are counting on deep bass, you will have to worry about choosing a subwoofer. In addition, the midbass with a polymer diffuser has a modest 9-centimeter caliber, while the Motion 4i model (by the way, these two-way monitors can also be considered desktop monitors) uses a classic cellulose head. But in the crossover there are air-core coils and special polyester capacitors, and a Hale film emitter is used as a tweeter. And, judging by past tests, this is a serious advantage of all MartinLogan Motion acoustics.

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“Twos” met our expectations almost one hundred percent. The scene is not the deepest, but focusing is in perfect order. The MartinLogan Motion 2i, as expected, is not inclined to reproduce bass at all. But low-frequency oscillations do not cause distortion or modulation—the lower band does not even need to be limited. And starting from the high bass, the Motion 2i are distinguished by fairly smooth reproduction, and the nature of the sound in the mid-upper register can be changed by selecting the distance between the speakers and the listener. But it should not be less than 90 cm, otherwise a caustic color appears (areas at 4 and 8 kHz are highlighted). But as soon as you move them about a meter or so away, the depth of the scene increases sharply and the coloring completely disappears. The advantage of MartinLogan branded tweeters – super detail and hyper realism – is fully demonstrated with this placement. It’s nice that such a great result is achieved without any hassle at all – put the monitors on the table, connect and enjoy…

Characteristics of Martin Logan Motion 2 i

Nominal impedance: 4 Ohms (allowable range 4-8 Ohms)
Sensitivity: 86 dB
Number of emitters: 2
Acoustic radiation dispersion 80° x 80°
Hybrid tweeter module, tweeter: Folded Motion ribbon driver (accordion-shaped film 13.3 x 4.4 cm)
woofer: 1 x 89 mm, driver; dome material: polymer; chassis: steel
Brief description of the woofer: non-resonant asymmetrical design
Crossover: Vojtko topology
Crossover frequencies: 2800 Hz
Recommended RMS power: 20 W (minimum), 100 W (maximum).
Frequency range: 110 Hz – 25,000 Hz.
Dimensions, mm: 286 x 133 x 114
Weight, kg: 1.81