Monitor Audio Silver 7G: Updated C-CAM tweeter and RST II speakers

Monitor Audio introduced the seventh generation Silver 7G Series. The largest speakers are Silver 500 7G floor-standing speakers, operating at powers up to 250 watts.  They were followed by two more “towers”: Silver 300 7G and Silver 200 7G.

There are two shelf models: Silver 50 7G and Silver 100 7G. The latter received an 8-inch woofer. Added to this are the Silver 200 7G center channel system, Silver FX 7G surrounds and Silver AMS 7G Atmos systems.

All models are based on updated drivers. First of all, this is a tweeter, the inch dome of which is made from a proprietary combination of aluminum-magnesium alloy with ceramic C-CAM coating. On the outside, the membrane is gold-plated and operates in an updated acoustic waveguide UD II (Uniform Dispersion Waveguide II).


The magnet system and the rear camera have also been improved. A metal grill with a phase-equalizing pattern made its contribution to the correct sound. The result is a natural high frequency response up to 35 kHz.


Rigid Surface Technology II (RST II) midrange / woofer cones in the Silver 7G series feature regular, variable-sized hexagonal grooves. According to the press release, they strengthen the moving system and improve the sound. The manufacturer also announced an improved crossover design.

Externally, the Monitor Audio Silver 7G acoustics received a recognizable design with ring pads around the speakers and strong protruding floor speaker supports. The consoles are finished with metal legs, adapted to both hard surfaces and carpets. Cloth grills with magnetic mounts and updated brand logos completed the picture.

According to the developers, the Silver 7G Series Monitor Audio speakers can form a high-quality home theater set for a variety of conditions.These speakers will appear in the fall – by that time, of course, prices will also be announced.