morel soundspot
morel soundspot
morel soundspot

Morel SoundSpot: Unique spherical speaker

Morel tweeters and midrange drivers are considered among the best in the world. More than 50 well-known companies use them in their acoustic systems,” these are the words to describe the Israeli acoustic brand, which has existed since 1975. And now the company’s catalog includes subwoofers, bookshelf and floor-standing acoustics and much more, loved by audiophiles and simply lovers of aesthetics, design and excellent sound.


The Morel SoundSpot™ SP-1 speaker cabinets are spherical in shape, crafted from lightweight steel and finished with a luxurious polish. This form of speakers is considered optimal, since internal reflections in it are minimal, due to which, all other things being equal, a more even frequency response is obtained. In addition, the rather thick (about 3 mm) metal has great rigidity and practically does not resonate. Such balls look quite original (available in black and white varnish, champagne), take up little space and are absolutely universal in terms of installation. They can be placed on a shelf, mounted on a wall or ceiling, and the hinged “leg” allows not only tilting, but also rotation by 180 degrees, which will allow you to accurately orient the acoustics to the desired point.

Inside the sealed truncated sphere is a 3.5-inch midbass with a composite polymer cone, ferrite magnet and high-temperature voice coil. A 12-mm tweeter is mounted on its acoustic axis, the dome of which is made of semi-rigid polymer. Its magnet is neodymium, and the voice coil is cooled by ferromagnetic fluid. The input terminals are spring-type, but a thick cable connects to them without problems.


On the music tracks, the construction of the stage made a strong impression – the sound space was actually continuous along the entire circumference, imaginary sources were precisely positioned in front and depth, incl. and behind. Even in the 2.1 configuration (fronts plus subwoofer), the stage was moderately voluminous and deep, it seemed that the sound was coming from behind the screen. The timbral resolution of the satellites is quite high, although the overall tonal balance is clearly shifted towards the high-frequency region. Auto-calibration reduces this effect to a minimum; when setting manually, it is better to use an equalizer. At high volumes, you can feel the limited dynamic range, but for 3.5-inch midbass the result is not bad at all. When playing multi-channel soundtracks, at least three seats fall into the optimal listening area. The sound is consistent; when moving the source along the front, its timbre does not change.

Specification of satellites Morel SP-1

Recommended amplifier power 15 – 100 W
Frequency response 100 Hz -22 kHz (-5 dB)
Sensitivity 87 dB (2.83 V / 1 m)
Nominal impedance 6 Ohms
Crossover frequency 8000 Hz 2-way design, spherical mild steel housing
Number of woofers 1
Woofer size 85 mm
Number of tweeters 1 HF speaker
size 12 mm
Overall dimensions 110 (diameter) mm
Weight 1 kg

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