Pitt & Giblin TENET
Pitt & Giblin TENET
Pitt & Giblin TENET

Pitt & Giblin TENET: Unusual and beautiful speakers from Australia

The Australian company Pitt & Giblin has released TENET, a large floor-standing active speaker system . Their design includes a horn high-midrange section, two 15-inch mid-bass drivers and an impressive bass module that serves as the basis of the entire speaker.

ImageThe horn consists of two parts – the mouth of cast bronze passes into a carved wood and laminated outer part. The tweeters and woofers located in the upper module work in a closed acoustic design and are driven by PASCAL amplifiers with a total power of 1200 watts .

ImageThe lower bass module includes two opposed 21″ woofers driven by power amplifiers delivering up to 2200 watts . There is also an electronic crossover filter combined with a signal processor.


Pitt & Giblin TENET active loudspeakers are made exclusively to order.

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