PMC Twenty5i: New and improved active speakers

PCM twenty5i
PCM twenty5i

PMC has recently unveiled its latest innovation in the realm of high-fidelity audio with the introduction of the Active twenty5i speaker series. This new lineup features four distinct models of active two-way loudspeakers, namely the twenty5.21i, 22i, 23i, and 24i. Each of these models is designed to offer an exceptional audio experience, catering to the needs of audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike.

For those looking to acquire a nearly complete Hi-Res audio system, the Active twenty5i series presents an attractive option. According to the press release from PMC, purchasers of these new speaker systems will find themselves with almost everything they need for a high-resolution audio setup.

The only additional component required is a pre-amplifier or a streaming device to pair with the speakers. This simplicity and near completeness make the Active twenty5i series a compelling choice for those seeking superior sound quality without the hassle of a complex setup.

The engineering behind the Active twenty5i models is noteworthy. Each loudspeaker is directly linked to a 100W amplifier, ensuring ample power for delivering high-quality sound. Furthermore, the series features a custom-designed analog crossover that meticulously separates the frequency bands of the incoming line signal.

This precise separation ensures that each amplifier delivers power specifically tailored to the frequencies relevant to each speaker, guaranteeing studio-quality sound that is clear, natural, and authentic. PMC’s commitment to audio excellence is evident in the promise of delivering sound that truly resonates with the listener.

For enthusiasts who already own speakers from the previous twenty5 and twenty5i series, PMC offers an enticing upgrade option. This upgrade process involves removing the existing rear panel of the speaker and replacing it with a new one that incorporates integrated crossover and amplifier modules, along with input connectors.

This upgrade is compatible with all two-way models from both the twenty5 and twenty5i series, providing a straightforward path to enhanced sound quality. The new panel comes equipped with a switch that adjusts the crossover settings to match the specific model of the speaker, ensuring optimal performance. This upgrade option underscores PMC’s dedication to delivering ongoing value and superior sound quality to its customers, even after their initial purchase.

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