Polk Audio Atrium Sub 100
Polk Audio Atrium Sub 100
Polk Audio Atrium Sub 100

Polk Audio Atrium Sub 100: Subwoofer made for outdoor use

The Polk Audio Atrium Sub 100 subwoofer belongs to the class of landscape acoustics, designed for placement in open areas directly on the ground. The speaker is made in a cast casing made of a special resin, which is resistant to high humidity (including salt fog), temperature changes and mechanical stress. Painting the body in natural colors makes the Polk Audio Atrium Sub 10 look like a boulder, and allows it to blend seamlessly into the landscape of your garden plot. The flat top surface allows you to use the subwoofer, for example, as a flower stand.


The Polk Audio Atrium Sub 100 features a powerful 10-inch long-throw woofer with patented Dynamic Balance technology. The driver is equipped with two 2-inch diameter voice coils, allowing you to connect it directly to a stereo amplifier for smooth, accurate sound. Even at peak power inputs, the woofer operates without audible distortion, and bass reproduction is focused and accurate. The speaker is connected to a built-in crossover filter, which ensures optimal matching of the Polk Audio Atrium Sub 100 with Sat30 satellite speakers, also designed for outdoor use. The subwoofer can be connected to a separate amplifier, and then its volume can be adjusted independently. The woofer in the subwoofer is directed downwards, which ensures a more uniform distribution of sound waves in all directions.

The subwoofer is equipped with a four-wire 1 meter CI3 cable, to which the acoustic connector is conveniently connected, and the contact point is reliably protected. An optional protective mesh is available for this subwoofer. The subwoofer is designed for input power up to 200 W, which, combined with high sensitivity, provides significant sound pressure and a wide dynamic range. Polk Audio Atrium Sub 100 is a very successful addition to an audio system for outdoor areas and will significantly improve its sound quality.


The Polk Audio Atrium Sub 100 is equipped with a special anchor bolt that digs into the ground, preventing unauthorized movement of the subwoofer. A protective grille is available as an option for the Polk Audio Atrium Sub 100.

Characteristics of Polk Audio Atrium Sub 100

Amplifier power 10 – 200 W Speaker
10 inches, two voice coils 2 with a diameter of 2 inches, composite / polymer, Dynamic Balance design
Housing material synthetic resin
Frequency range 50 – 110 Hz (-3 dB)
Housing type closed
Inputs four-wire cable 1 meter long CL3, for burial in the ground
Filter 150 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD) 406 x 279 mm
Weight 7.3 kg