Polk Audio HTS 10 Sub
Polk Audio HTS 10 Sub
Polk Audio HTS 10 Sub

Polk Audio HTS 10: Powerful subwoofer with crystal clear sound

The American company Polk Audio has expanded its lineup with subwoofers HTS 10 and HTS 12. Both models belong to the cinema series, but can also be used in a music system. The company promises powerful and very clear sound. The main feature of the new products is the proprietary PowerPort bass reflex, aimed at the floor. This technology is designed to improve the quality and increase the amount of bass while maintaining the dimensions of the speaker. The Power Port system consists of a tuned bass reflex port and a special diffuser in front of it. The model with a 10-inch speaker has a built-in amplifier with a power of 200 W, and the amplifier power of the 12-inch version is 400 W. Otherwise the subwoofers are identical.


The Polk Audio HTS 10 Sub active subwoofer has a nice design and high-quality exterior finish, which ensures good integration into a residential interior. The device is relatively small in size, and thanks to the rounded corners of the body it looks even more compact than it actually is. The black matte finish of the Polk Audio HTS SUB 10 can be washed, which simplifies maintenance and allows you to maintain its attractive appearance for a long time.

The Polk Audio HTS 10 Sub subwoofer is equipped with a proprietary 10-inch Dynamic Balance woofer. The woofer is equipped with a polypropylene cone, and the design of its magnetic system is optimized using computer modeling. The woofer is located on the front panel and is completely covered by a removable protective grille. It is installed flush with the side walls, making the subwoofer look very neat. An interesting touch in the subwoofer’s design is the metal logo in the corner of the front panel, which always remains visible – both when the protective mesh is on and without it.


Another patented design solution in the Polk Audio HTS 10 Sub is the Power Port bass reflex directed to the floor. It is characterized by high efficiency and the absence of acoustic noise and resonances, and for its normal operation, a special niche is provided in the lower part of the Polk Audio HTS 10 Sub case. In it, opposite the bass reflex hole, a specially shaped acoustic divider is installed, directed upward, which evens out the distribution of low frequencies in the listening room. The subwoofer is equipped with a high-quality Class D amplifier that develops 200 W of power and is precisely matched to the speaker.

All controls and outputs of the Polk Audio HTS 10 Sub are located on the rear panel, and the inputs are also located there. The set of adjustments is traditional – one knob is responsible for the level of signal amplification, and the second provides a smooth change in the cutoff frequency of the incoming signal, the available range is from 180 to 40 Hz. Two two-position switches located one above the other are designed to turn on the power and select the phase – 0 or 180 degrees. Inputs are limited to stereo RCA, as well as a mono LFE input for feeding a low-frequency effects signal already filtered by the receiver. It is noteworthy that the effect of the subwoofer cutoff frequency control applies to both inputs.

Characteristics of Polk Audio HTS 10 SubĀ 

Number of speakers 1
Housing type bass reflex Power Port (directed to the floor)
Diameter and type of bass driver 10, long-throw, polypropylene diffuser, Dynamic Balance design
Amplifier power 200 W, class D
Frequency range 25 – 180 Hz
Customizable input sensitivity yes
Inputs stereo, LFE (RCA)
Low-pass filter (LPF) adjustable, 30 – 120 Hz
Auto-on system yes Power-
on trigger yes
Phase adjustment 0/180 degrees
Removable grill yes
Dimensions (WxHxD) 384 x 419 x 384 mm
Weight 17 kg

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