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Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar
Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar
Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar

Q Acoustics Media 4: Soundbar that resembles an elliptical loudspeaker

The Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar is similar to its counterparts only at first glance, so you should take a closer look at it. The Q Acoustics Media 4’s cabinet resembles an elliptical loudspeaker, and for good reason. This shape is very favorable from an acoustics point of view, since there are no parallel surfaces and therefore internal reflections are noticeably reduced. The depth of the cabinet in the central part, which has increased to 142 mm, increases its internal volume and creates favorable conditions for the operation of the built-in subwoofer. And, by the way, it uses an elliptical loudspeaker with a 120 x 150 mm emitter – this shape allows you to obtain a surface area sufficient for low frequencies without compromising the “slenderness” of the speaker.

Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar 2.jpg

Even more interesting are the main front speakers – a pair of branded wideband BMR drivers with flat diffusers 65 x 65 mm. Balanced Mode Radiator technology is based on the fact that in the lower part of the range the membrane operates in piston mode, and at high frequencies it vibrates. Thanks to this, both the frequency range and the radiation pattern are expanded, which has a positive effect on the formation of a large-scale three-dimensional sound field and an increase in the optimal listening area.

Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar.jpg

The total power of the amplifier is 90 W (2 x 25 + 40), necessary for the formation of surround sound processing is carried out by the built-in signal processor (DSP). A wireless Bluetooth adapter with support for the aptX codec allows you to play high-quality music from portable devices, and NFC technology makes it easy to switch between gadgets (the system can store up to 8 smartphones or tablets). To connect to the TV, a Toslink digital optical interface is used; there are also four analog stereo inputs (two on paired RCA connectors and two more on 3.5 mm mini-jack). Q Acoustics Media 4 also has an output for an additional subwoofer – it will be useful when installing the sound bar in large rooms. Control – buttons on the top panel, standard remote control or TV remote control.


Power 100 W (2 x 25 W + 50 W) total gain
THD (at rated power) <1.00%
Frequency response +/-0.5 dB 20 Hz-20 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio (A- Wtd) -85 dB
Speakers BMR 65 mm x 65 mm
Subwoofer (2 coils) 120 mm x 150 mm
Bluetooth 4.0
Dimensions (W x H x D) 1000x90x142 mm
Weight 4.9 kg

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