Radiotehnika presented a new line of Vita speaker systemsRadiotehnika presented a new line of Vita speaker systems
Radiotehnika presented a new line of Vita speaker systems

Radiotehnika unveils a new line of Vita speaker systems

Radiotehnika which has more than a century-long history of producing audio equipment, has announced the release of an updated series of Vita speaker systems. These are elegant speakers in a traditional style using high quality materials .

The Vita line includes two floor-standing models Vita 2.06 and 2.05, a bookshelf speaker Vita 2.04, two wall-mounted speakers Vita 2.02 and 2.01, a center channel Vita 2.03 and an active subwoofer Vita 2.07. The cabinets are finished with natural veneer in popular shades, which makes it easy to fit the speakers into the interior.


All models, except the junior wall-mount and subwoofer, are equipped with a high-quality 22mm silk dome tweeter with a special coating for clear high-end sound. The 146mm midrange/bass drivers feature Balanced Magnetic Field technology to minimize distortion.

Different types of separation filters are available for optimal performance in different conditions. For stereo systems in rooms up to 40 sq.m., Vita 2.06 floorstanding speakers are recommended, and for rooms up to 30 sq.m., Vita 2.05. In smaller rooms, shelf units 2.04 are suitable. These same models can be used as front speakers for home theaters.

The new Vita line from the legendary Radiotehnika is an excellent combination of classic design, high-quality components and production technologies. The Vita series speakers will allow you to create both a full-fledged Hi-Fi stereo system and equip a home theater.


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