REL Classic 99: vintage look with modern technology

REL Classic 99
REL Classic 99

REL Acoustics has announced a new active subwoofer called the Classic 99. The new Classic 99 resembles the Classic 98 that was launched about a year and a half ago , but according to the manufacturer the Classic 99 delivers a somewhat deeper and more powerful bass response.

REL Acoustics only does one thing and that is building active subwoofers. REL subwoofers can be used in two-channel or multi-channel setups. The REL Classic 98 arrived in the fall of 2023 and the line is now expanded with the new REL Classic 99. Building on the foundation of the REL Classic 98, the new model is designed to offer more in every key feature: more power, deeper bass (from 24 Hz at level -6 dB) and a design that captivates both the eye and the ear, according to the official statement from REL Acoustics.

REL Classic 99: vintage look with modern technology

The company itself speaks of a modern design from the middle of the last century. Yes, the case has a somewhat classic color, but otherwise it uses modern technology, just like the already available REL Classic 98. The Classic 99 has the dimensions 400 x 534 x 350 millimeters and a weight of 22.4 kilograms. .

The cabinet has walls of MDF with a thickness of 32 millimeters and the outside is finished with walnut veneer. Aluminum accents and legs milled from solid aluminum in black give the illusion that the Classic 99 is floating above the ground. The housing is closed and the driver is mounted in the bottom and pointed downwards.

The driver has a diameter of 305 millimeters and the cone can make a long stroke. The cone is made of several layers of hot-pressed paper. The cone is light and stiff. In addition, the special coating created by the chaotically arranged fibers ensures that a high degree of internal damping is achieved and thus a controlled, accurate reproduction is guaranteed.

REL Classic 99: class D amplifier with 450 Watts

A class D amplifier module does the driving and can deliver a power of 450 Watts. There is no signal processing. As usual for the company, REL Acoustics relies on the fully analogue REL PerfectFilter technology. By the way, the company states that they have consciously chosen a tuning with a slightly warmer sound for the new REL Classic 99 in order to achieve exactly what they envision with a vintage sound.

REL Classic 99: connection panel

Naturally, the new REL Classic 99 offers a panel equipped with all relevant connections and controls, such as high-level Neutrik Speakon terminals and low-level cinch. Volume, crossover frequency and phase can be adjusted.

Those who would prefer to send a wireless music signal to the REL Classic 99 can do so with the optionally available REL HT-Air MKII Wireless and REL Airship II.

REL Classic 99: price and delivery information

The new REL Classic 99 is expected to be available for delivery in July 2024.

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