REL T5i: Powerful and dynamic subwoofer

The English company REL, which produces perhaps the best subwoofers in the world, has updated its initial series with the letter T by adding the letter i to it, the letter i indicates the ability to connect a subwoofer wirelessly, for this you will have to purchase a wireless adapter with which you will not have to run a subwoofer wire. Model REL T5i occupies the second lowest step in the Ti series of REL Acoustics and inherits some of the family features of the legendary Quake subwoofers.


The type of acoustic design of REL T5i is “closed box”. The long-throw eight-inch woofer is built into the bottom of the cabinet and points downward. Its diffuser is made of pressed paper. The small body looks like a cube and has high-quality damping due to the use of internal struts. Four legs, each made from a single piece of aluminum, channel resonances and vibrations into the floor. When developing this model, attention was paid to every detail. On the top panel of the subwoofer there is a 2.5 mm thick aluminum plate with the company logo, and the body itself is covered with nine layers of varnish and polished by hand.

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There is an amplifier on board that operates in class A/B and allows you to develop a rated power of 125 W. Heat removal is ensured by a radiator installed on the back of the case. There are also three inputs: high-level (professional Neutrik Speakon connector), low-level RCA and a connector for the low-frequency effects channel LFE (labeled “.1/LFE”), which allows you to pass the signal only through a 4th order filter with a fixed cutoff frequency at 120 Hz, bypassing the natural roll-off filter. For each input it is possible to adjust the volume level. There is a phase switch (0 or 180°). Smooth adjustment of the low-pass filter frequency is provided in the range from 30 to 120 Hz. The REL T5i uses a crossover with a Natural RollOff circuit and ABC (Active Bass Controller) technology to perfectly match the sound of the subwoofer to the speakers.

It is recommended to install the REL T5i in a corner of the room. It is possible to simultaneously connect via LFE and high-level (or low-level) input and independently adjust the gain for each of them. Three such subwoofers can be integrated into a home theater system, which will comply with the proprietary professional Dolby 5.1 standard. REL Theater Reference 3D Bass. This configuration will help distribute low frequencies evenly across all channels and create a seamless sound picture filled with the right deep bass.

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On the rear panel of the device there are two inputs: a high-level one, represented by a Neutrik connector, and two low-level ones – a line input, and for the low-frequency effects (LFE) channel of the surround sound processor. There are also separate signal level controls (for high-level/linear and LFE inputs, a knob for adjusting the input filter frequency ranging from 30 to 120 Hz, as well as a switch for the absolute signal phase 0/180 degrees. An interesting feature of this model is the ability to connect an external proprietary Arrow wireless module (sold separately), which uses uncompressed audio technology to preserve the original sound quality and transmits up to 13.7 meters from the source. The sound of the REL T5i subwoofer can be described as fast, dynamic, articulate and deep enough Characteristics

of REL T5i

Frequency range from 32 Hz (-6 dB, in the room)
Floor-standing placement
Housing type closed
Woofer 200 mm, inverted dust cap, increased cone travel
Amplifier power 125 W (RMS), class A/B amplifier
Inputs linear (RCA), LFE (RCA), high-level (Neutrik)
Input impedance 150 kOhm (high-level), 10 kOhm (line, LFE)
Signal level adjustments (separate high-level/line and LFE inputs), input filter frequency, absolute phase switching 0 / 180 degrees
Input filter adjustment range 30 – 120 Hz
Protection system available
Additionally, the ability to connect a proprietary Arrow wireless module (purchased separately)
Includes a 10-meter long cable with a Neutrik Speakon connector
Dimensions (WxHxD) 267 x 317 x 322 mm
Weight 12 kg

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