REL T7x: Eye-catching and powerful active subwoofer

The British company REL presents subwoofers of the new T/x series. New products replace the most popular British products from the T/i line. Increased controllability and dynamics, coupled with proven technologies borrowed from older models, take the bass quality to a new level, bringing it closer to the sound of the S series subwoofers.

When you first get acquainted with the new products, the first thing that catches your eye is their more “squat” sound compared to with predecessors, silhouette. Indeed, the changed proportions of the cabinets make the appearance of the T/x subwoofers more substantial. Five layers of black or white varnish give them a chic look. The rounded side edges conceal the slightly increased dimensions and weight. At the same time, the internal volume of the housings has increased noticeably, as has the volume of air moved.


This solution forces the use of updated suspensions with increased diffuser travel. Indeed, with increased productivity, the sizes and number of speakers in the models remained the same. The senior model of the series, REL T/9x, is equipped with a 10-inch front-facing active driver and a downward-facing passive radiator. For REL T/7x, an 8-inch active speaker and a passive “ten” on the bottom panel were used. The single 8-inch speaker in the REL T/5x closed cabinet is directed towards the floor. To make the diaphragm, the designers used proprietary FibreAlloy™ material and a protective aluminum cap. The steel chassis provides the driver structure with a reliable foundation.

Directly from the  REL  S series models  , the new subwoofers borrow ultra-fast low-pass filters, the specially selected settings of which provide even more natural and transparent sound. Only the reliable built-in class A/B amplifiers remain unchanged, delivering the same power: 300 W RMS for the REL T/9x model, 200 W for the REL T/7x and 125 W for the REL T/5x. Their design turned out to be so successful that they fully comply with the new, more stringent requirements.


The traditional REL input set includes the manufacturer’s highly recommended high-level input with Neutrik Speakon connector, as well as traditional low-level and LFE inputs. Wireless signal transmission with zero compression is provided by the optional Arrow transmitter. The entry-level level of the T/x line for REL makes it impossible to install new subwoofers in line arrays.

All these design changes allow the T/x series products to become a new stage in the development of the junior series of REL music subwoofers. And take its rightful place in the music systems of lovers of high-quality sound.

Characteristics of the REL T7x active subwoofer

Frequency range from 30 Hz (-6 dB, in the room)
Floor-standing placement
200 mm woofer speaker, inverted dust cap, increased cone stroke, located on the front panel
254 mm passive low-frequency radiator, located on the bottom panel
Amplifier power 200 W (RMS), class A/B amplifier
Inputs linear (RCA), LFE (RCA), high-level (Neutrik)
Input impedance 150 kOhm (high-level), 10 kOhm (linear, LFE)
Signal level adjustments (separate high-level / linear and LFE inputs), input filter frequency, absolute phase switching 0 / 180 degrees
Input filter adjustment range 30 – 120 Hz
Protection system available
Additionally, the ability to connect a proprietary Arrow wireless module (purchased separately)
Includes a 10-meter cable with a Neutrik Speakon connector
Dimensions (WxHxD) 356 x 320 x 363 mm
Weight 17.5 kg

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