Revel Concerta B10: Powerful 800-watt active subwoofer

Revel Concerta B10
Revel Concerta B10

The design of the Revel Concerta B10 is smooth and stylish, reaching the point of minimalism. The Revel Concerta B10 comes in white or black finishes with a glossy finish. It’s worth noting that the Revel Concerta B10 looks much better without the grill. If we evaluate the quality of the case by external signs, then, for example, that tapping on the outside produces a dull thud, which immediately gives us a feeling of strength and good damping. A positive sign for assessing the design of acoustics is the weight of the product – it also serves as a good sign when assessing the quality of assembly and sound, although all this does not guarantee the achievement of ideal parameters.

A rigid, heavy cabinet is necessary to reduce resonances that can interfere with the clear sound of the system. The exterior walls of the Revel Concerta B10 are constructed from three-quarter-inch thick MDF. The Revel Concerta B10 is a powerful 800-watt active subwoofer with a ​10″ woofer that is designed to provide powerful and clear low-frequency response. The subwoofer adds natural bass to any music or home theater system. 


An integrated amplifier with a rated power of 800 Watts (1500 Watts peak power) drives the voice coil to provide sufficient ​energy reserve ​for the long throw of the ​speaker’s wide diaphragm area. 

​ When changing the position of the voice coil in the woofer, engineers Revel found that they could improve the symmetry of the woofer’s travel and thereby reduce distortion. In addition, the asymmetry caused by the non-linearity of the spider can also lead to higher distortion. ​This problem has been solved by ​advancements in ​spider motion control to greatly improve ​symmetry​, resulting in ​dramatically ​reduced distortion. The cabinet finish is ​high-gloss black and white to highlight the features of this beautiful subwoofer.

Characteristics of Revel Concerta B10

Power, W 800
Frequency range, Hz – kHz 50 – 150 Hz
Number of speakers, pcs 1
Woofer 250 mm, fiber composite speaker
Bass reflex Rear
Dimensions, mm 418 x 377 x 393
Weight, kg 23.1

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