Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2
Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2
Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2

Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2: Acvite speakers with upgraded functionality

The Ruark MR1 mk2 speakers have received a redesign, but the most significant upgrades relate to functionality. Each speaker is equipped with a 75 mm neodymium magnet woofer and a 20 mm dome tweeter. The power of the AB-class amplifier built into the leading speaker is 20 W. This configuration, coupled with wooden cabinets, is designed to provide powerful, high-quality sound. There are several ways to connect a source to the MR 1 Mk2 system: there is support for Bluetooth with AptX, digital optical input and analog AUX. In addition, the acoustics are equipped with an output for a subwoofer and headphones. Thus, Ruark MR 1 Mk2 is a universal home speaker that can be used not only for listening to music, but also for watching movies instead of a soundbar.

Separately, it should be noted that the speakers operate on mains power, but the company offers an optional removable battery for the leading speaker. When installing the battery and disconnecting the second speaker, the device will automatically switch to mono mode.


The Ruark MR1 mk2 speakers are stylish, have a number of distinctive features, provide high quality sound and are definitely worth the money.  Based purely on looks, the Ruark MR1 mk2 beats its competitors with ease. With its walnut-colored body, metal inserts and speakers, this product is reminiscent of the R1 MkII radio already known to fans of Ruark devices. Luckily, these speakers have other benefits as well. The speakers are slightly larger than the ideal size, using the criteria from the Monitor Audio Airstream WS100 review. However, they are not as bulky as the Epoz Aktimate Micro speakers. Finding a suitable place on your desktop or shelf for the Ruark MR1 mk2 speakers is easy, without the need to move other devices. There are a few other improvements that are worth mentioning. The speakers are equipped with Bluetooth with aptX support for clearer audio playback. There is a £50 wireless battery option available which will also fit the R1 radio. Thus, the device can be made completely wireless.


Is the Ruark MR1 mk2 truly a breakthrough in terms of sound clarity? Yes of course. These speakers are really high quality. When listening to audio using Ruark MR1 mk2, you can clearly feel the difference between regular audio and high quality audio.  These speakers convey the entire range of music being played to the maximum. This can also be seen in more complex songs, such as “Ping Pong” by Bassnectar, where the sound is completely natural and does not distort throughout the entire composition. The bass sounds quite strong, heavy and deep when comparing the work of the Ruark MR1 mk2 with the work of the Epoz Aktimate Micro speakers.  In dynamic compositions everything is also on the level. Justin Timberlake’s “Take Back the Night” uses the horns to capture exactly what the artist intended while maintaining the song’s catchy instrumental motif.  Overall, the listening experience is melodic and conveys the full range of each sound from its beginning to its end, thereby making it possible to get every bit of it from the music.  When switching to Bluetooth using aptX technology on a MacBook Pro, there is a slight decrease in sound quality compared to a wired connection. In all other respects, the previous high level is maintained, the device operates stably and clearly, regardless of the connection type.


An important point is the correct installation of the speakers. We believe that the best option is to install it near a wall. If this is not done, there will be slight distortion in the bass transmission. But to achieve the best results, it is worth experimenting with the installation location. If you forget to turn off your Ruark MR1 mk2, the device will go into sleep mode. If you connect speakers to your TV, they will turn on or off automatically when you turn on or off the TV.  Unlike many competitors, the Ruark MR1 mk2 uses a classic A/B type electronic amplifier rather than a Class D electronic amplifier.

According to the company, the device is equipped with all-new speakers designed specifically for this model, which maximize sound quality in conditions small closed spaces. The Ruark MR1 mk2 speakers consist of two parts: a 7.5 cm in diameter part that transmits mids and bass, and a 20 mm in diameter part that transmits high frequencies. Both parts of the speaker are equipped with neodymium magnets for better performance.

Features of Ruark MR1 mk2 

Noise canceling 75mm Ruark Audio woofer with powerful neodymium magnet system Class AB linear amplifier, rated power 20W Active subwoofer output Volume function provides enhanced sound at low volume levels Built-in high-quality Bluetooth audio receiver with aptX support provides CD-quality sound with compatible devices Intuitive control system LED indicators show system status and source Compact infrared remote control Digital optical input with adjustable attenuation Audio input with switchable attenuation Size H170 × W130 × D135 mm each Weight 3.5 kg per pair