Ruark releases RS1 subwoofer for MR1 Mk2 speakersRuark releases RS1 subwoofer for MR1 Mk2 speakers
Ruark releases RS1 subwoofer for MR1 Mk2 speakers

Ruark releases RS1 subwoofer for MR1 Mk2 speakers

The first subwoofer, the RS1 model from the Ruark portfolio, is designed to complement the popular MR1 Mk2 speakers . Just the right power: 100 W of the built-in amplifier, operating in class D, will allow you to “create a more comfortable bass.” It is clear that good compatibility of the characteristics of the RS1 and MR1 Mk2 was ensured at the development stage, but the subwoofer also has a crossover filter adjustable in the range of 50–180 Hz – the sound can be adjusted if desired.

The subwoofer itself operates in the range of 25-200 Hz – the bass should really improve. The 17cm down-firing driver will provide 360-degree sound, which in turn will make it easier to find the best location for the subwoofer. RS1 receives the audio signal via a mono RCA cable. The subwoofer turns on or goes into standby mode when there is an input signal, that is, automatically. There is also built-in overload protection.


The design of the new product, accordingly, is made in the spirit of Ruark – the same gray body with top and bottom panels made of walnut. The subwoofer can be sold individually or as a set with MR1 Mk2 speakers.

In the US, the Ruark RS1 subwoofer costs $500.

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