Samsung HW-Q80R
Samsung HW-Q80R
Samsung HW-Q80R

Samsung HW-Q80R: Effective and affordable soundbar

The ascetic design and matte black color make it easy to disguise the acoustics in the interior, and the soundbar itself effectively highlights expensive models of large-screen TVs. Functionally, it is ready to work with the latest content and supports the latest Ultra HD and HDR video formats. The main difference from the top model Samsung HW-Q90R is the absence of additional rear speaker systems in the package.

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The Samsung HW-Q80R system is equipped with an impressive arsenal of speakers. The three front channels are powered by a pair of mid-range drivers and a tweeter, while upward-facing broadband drivers are responsible for the ceiling channels. The active subwoofer is equipped with a solid 8-inch driver. The total power reserve of the system is indicated at 500 watts, which, in theory, is enough for any room in a typical city apartment. The set of switching ports includes a pair of HDMI inputs, one output, as well as digital optical and analog audio inputs. Quite adequate for a soundbar; the format as a whole is characterized by switching minimalism. The kit is compatible with Samsung multiroom solutions, including the Samsung Multiroom app control program. It is, among other things, suitable for listening to music from network services. An alternative way with wider compatibility to communicate with gadgets is also present in the form of Bluetooth support. The USB port, which can be seen in the photo, has no functional meaning and is intended only for updating the standard firmware. The delivery set also includes a traditional-style remote control.

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When it comes to interpreting movie soundtracks, the Samsung HW-Q80R kit is designed primarily for showmanship. The frequency range significantly exceeds the built-in acoustics of the TV and the device strives with all its might to show its best side. Even in the dialogues there is a certain bass epic quality, and the action scenes completely remove the question of the relevance of the purchase for any enthusiastic film fan.

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But with cinema everything is not as good as we would like. The lack of support for the DTS format in its standard form is an absolute and serious disadvantage. Discs and files do not always contain alternative tracks in both formats, and this aspect will always have to be taken into account when searching for material to watch. The musicality of the model is not for perfectionists; the Samsung HW-Q80R even tries to make a show with fireworks out of chamber jazz. But, of course, the main purpose of a soundbar is to provide sound for pictures on a TV screen, and not to replace a High End stereo system.

Specifications Samsung HW-Q80R

USB – no (service connector)
Supported audio codecs – Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, DTS-X
Bluetooth, WI-FI – yes
Network interfaces – no
NFC – no
Audio inputs – HDMI (2), digital optical, analog
Outputs – HDMI
Speakers – 3 x HF, 6 x MF, 6 x MF/HF, 1x LF (subwoofer)
Power, W – 500
Dimensions of the main speaker (WxHxD), mm: 1226 x 83 x 136
Dimensions of the subwoofer (WxHxD), mm : 205 x 403 x 403

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