Samsung HW-Q990D
Samsung HW-Q990D
Samsung HW-Q990D

Samsung HW-Q990D: Innovative AI powered Soundbar

In early January, during the CES technology trade show held in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled two innovative soundbar models alongside the introduction of the new “Music Frame.” Among these, the HW-Q990D soundbar stands out with its sophisticated 11.1.4-channel setup, delivering an enveloping Dolby Atmos audio experience. Furthermore, this model is designed to support high-quality sound reproduction for 4K 120Hz content, ensuring users enjoy a seamless audio-visual experience with their ultra-high-definition displays.

A notable feature of the HW-Q990D is its intelligent signal analysis capability. The device employs artificial intelligence to optimize audio output based on the characteristics of the input signal, ensuring optimal sound quality tailored to the content being played. Samsung emphasizes that the advanced AI-driven functionalities of this soundbar are safeguarded by the company’s proprietary security platform, “Knox.”

This commitment to security means users can enjoy the latest in sound technology with the assurance that their device’s integrity is protected. Samsung’s innovative approach combines cutting-edge audio technology with robust security measures, setting a new standard for soundbar performance and reliability.

HW-S800D, S810D and S811D: Ultra-slim soundbars

Samsung has introduced the HW-S800D soundbar, notable for its ultra-slim profile at just 4 cm in depth, designed to seamlessly integrate into any living space while delivering a comprehensive and immersive audio experience. This “Ultra Slim” model is equipped with an array of ten drivers, which include specialized overhead speakers for a three-dimensional sound experience, along with a center channel that ensures vocals are reproduced with exceptional clarity.

Despite its slender frame, the HW-S800D does not compromise on sound quality. It features a combination of a deep bass subwoofer and a passive radiator, a setup that enables the soundbar to produce rich, impactful bass without distortion, even within its compact form factor.

This innovative design approach demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to delivering superior sound experiences in aesthetically pleasing and space-efficient packages.

Building on the success of the HW-S800D, Samsung is expanding its lineup of ultra-slim soundbars with the introduction of the S810D and S811D models.

These additions enhance user convenience through smart functionality, including an integrated voice assistant for hands-free control and compatibility with Airplay 2 for effortless streaming from Apple devices. With these models, Samsung continues to redefine the possibilities for high-quality sound in sleek, user-friendly designs.

On the other hand, the Q935D, another gem from Samsung’s premium 9 series, aims to bring a rich cinematic experience into the comfort of users’ living rooms. It achieves this through the “SpaceFit Sound Pro” feature, which intelligently adapts the audio output to match the unique acoustics and spatial characteristics of the room.

This adaptive sound technology ensures that every nuance and detail of the audio is optimized for the listener’s environment.

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