Samsung MX-T40: Stylish and modern speaker

Although good power and general sound quality is something that is required of any device of this genre, it is clear that within the market there are sub-categories according to the type of use that […]

Although good power and general sound quality is something that is required of any device of this genre, it is clear that within the market there are sub-categories according to the type of use that users plan to give an audio equipment. Today one of the most popular point to the organization of parties and Samsung MX-T40 enters the scene.

Samsung Giga Party MX-T40 or Samsung MXT40 is a high-end sound system that is presented with a fairly modern design and attractive to the naked eye that also does not forget to incorporate an LED lighting system on its front. With a power of 300W and support for wireless connectivity , it manages to be a “Premium” product but without taking its price through the roof.

Attractive at first glance

Samsung MX-T40 is not damaged by contact with water

As can be seen in the images that accompany this analysis, the South Korean manufacturer has chosen a tower format that is also made up of three faces, something that not only helps to give it a good aesthetic from any angle you look at it but also contributes to expanding the sound evenly .

With official dimensions of 291.5 x 530.5 x 268.0 mm and a total weight of 6.8 kilograms, it can be indicated that its commercialization is given in black and adds a lighting system for two of its faces that can be changed between several preset modes (Party , Ambient, Dance, Thunder Bolt, Star and Lover) through the official App of the brand for mobile devices.

It is worth noting that all the devices in the “Sound Tower” line have a water-resistant top panel, so there is no need to worry about accidental liquid splashes that may be recurring during a party or if you decide to organize a social event. outdoors near a swimming pool.

Two-way sound system in the Samsung MXT40

Samsung MXT40 can be useful for meetings and small parties

When it comes to highlighting the performance of the Samsung MXT40, we must emphasize a new Samsung exclusive two-way audio system that is responsible for expanding the sound area so that a powerful and immersive sound experience can be appreciated. Thus, just by positioning the equipment in a central area of ​​the party there will be no worries about the arrival of the sound to the corners of the room.

Likewise, a button called “Bass Booster” is present on its upper face, which allows to take full advantage of the high power of 300W that this model is capable of reaching. The result is a sound that reinforces every detail of a song, intensifying the low frequencies in musical genres designed to celebrate.

Logically there is no point of comparison between this creation and an option like LG OL100 , which takes its operation to a much more professional terrain or in massive environments with two 550W speakers each, and an integrated 900W woofer for the bass (in addition to add a DJ tray on its front panel), but also the price difference between the two is very large.

Wireless connectivity options

Samsung MXT40 has few control buttons

To complete everything that is present in Samsung MX-T40 is an available Bluetooth connectivity that makes it possible to synchronize up to two devices simultaneously to play audio from any mobile, computer and other equipment without interruptions, thus facilitating the management of the playlist. between more than one person.

Samsung is also not forgetting to add the “Group Play” technology that makes a party can come back massive without having to completely change the audio settings. Without medium cables it is feasible to synchronize different equipment of the brand in different points of a room and double / triple the available sound power without delays.

To conclude, there is no lack of elements such as an integrated USB port to connect any external storage memory and play the music that is at hand in AAC, WAV, MP3, OGG and FLAC formats, while its classic 3.5 mm audio jack is Combines with a slot on its top panel to place the Smartphone there without the risk of it falling.

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