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Samsung Soundbar line-up 2024: From flagship to entry-level

Samsung has presented the complete soundbar line-up for 2024 . This includes all information and prices as well as the final names of the products.

The 2024 line-up of Samsung soundbars also includes new products that are sometimes more, sometimes less big and may represent further developments of well-known models. The focus is currently on four statements, which we will go through in particular.

The top model is the Samsung HW-QD995D , which will again be launched as an 11.1.4-channel soundbar. Thanks to the Q-Symphony functionality, it can also be operated wirelessly with the current Samsung models and a cable connection with HDMI is no longer necessary. As usual, rear speakers (4.0.2) are also included here, which require a power connection but work via radio to the main unit.

Samsung HW Q995GD

Samsung HW-QD995D

Support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X is already known. The top model has (in total) 22 loudspeaker chassis under the fairing. Playback of 4K 120Hz content should also be possible via the connection port. Roon certification will probably also be a new feature. How fitting, since Roon was bought by the Samsung Group a few months ago. The HW-QD935D is also presented as a slightly smaller model , which also comes with native and wireless rear speakers.

Samsung HW Q935GD

Samsung HW-QD935D

The Samsung HW-Q810D is defined as a 5.1.2-channel soundbar , which has a similar or the same optical design as the large top models, but has smaller proportions. In terms of performance, you also have to adjust to a gradation, as well as a smaller subwoofer.

If you want a very narrow soundbar and already have a Samsung The Frame, for example, the Ultra Slim Soundbars are the ideal addition, according to the manufacturer. The Samsung HW-S810D was introduced two years ago, which is aimed at 65-inch TVs purely in terms of size. Now the Samsung HW-Q710D is an even smaller gradation for 55 inch TVs.

So the ceiling speakers have been removed here. The compact versions also have a more compact subwoofer than the supposedly more powerful 5.1.2 offshoots. Both have the same Samsung Q Symphony support, via this interface that soundbars are known to be able to communicate with Samsung TVs via radio. These compact devices also have AirPlay 2. Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn’t (or couldn’t) tell us any performance information here either.

Even if the next product is not really a soundbar, the Samsung Music Frame can be combined wonderfully with it. Basically, it is a type of image that acts as a loudspeaker. The cover in the front can be changed as desired and can be addressed like a normal wireless speaker. Samsung Q-Symphony is also available here, so you can communicate with a TV via radio. It would be conceivable to use a soundbar in the front and two music frames as rear speakers. Of course, this would also work at the front. Apart from the soundbars, the manufacturer has already mentioned a price of $599.

Unfortunately, not all specifications have been announced by the manufacturer yet. The rest of the data should also be published on the web in the coming days, so that the performance information, sizes and of course the prices will be discussed.

Prices and availability

According to Samsung, the new products will be available from March / April 2024. If there are final prices to be announced, we will of course also announce them.

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