Samsung SWA-W500: The subwoofer your soundbar needs

Samsung is one of the manufacturers that gives more relevance to the world of sound bars and this is appreciated both in its extensive catalog as well as in the optional accessories that users can purchase at any time. One of them is the subwoofers that multiply the audio power and Samsung SWA-W500 deserves to be highlighted.

Samsung SWA-W500 / ZG is a high-end wireless-capable subwoofer that makes it possible to enjoy greater sound power in the room as well as a more immersive experience by neglecting any annoying cable setup.


Design and compatibility

Samsung SWA-W500 / ZG can be placed directly on the floor

Starting with what can be seen at first glance, there is no great originality in the design chosen for this equipment, but a great elegance is also maintained in black throughout its cube-shaped structure, as well as a “unibody” body. that allows you to adopt a fairly minimalist essence with the rest of the decoration of the room.

With official dimensions of 9.9 ″ x 10.7 ″ x 9.9 ″ and a weight that exceeds 5 kilograms, it is clear that it is not a very large team but robust enough to keep it fixed in the same location in the room. Of course, since it does not need cables to synchronize with the sound bar, it can be placed in any corner, even behind the position of the sofa.


It is worth noting that Samsung SWA-W500 has been created to work in conjunction with the Samsung S60T, S60A and S50A sound bars , so if you have any of the three it will be compatible. Otherwise, options like Samsung HW-T650 already arrive with a built-in subwoofer.

Final sound details

Samsung SWA-W500 has a uniform design from any angle


Samsung SWA-W500 has what it takes to enhance the experience when it comes to enjoying a movie, games or simply enjoying a concert from the tranquility of home. In total there is a 130W addition that should be more than enough for the space of a conventional entertainment room.

Also, “Deeper Bass” is the built-in technology that is responsible for giving better results when it comes to representing the lowest tones without the need to increase the overall volume of the system. This is ideal for appreciating the greatness of action scenes, explosions, or even some particular musical genres.

Logically there is no mention of other types of additional specifications for this model, since it is not designed to work independently but to be coupled with all the benefits that Samsung’s new generation sound bars already bring.



  • Elegant design with good materials
  • Cable-free synchronization
  • Low-pitched sound enhancements


  • Few compatible Samsung bar models
  • It is quite simple in its technical features



Samsung SWA-W500 Features


Size (W x H x D in mm)9.9 ″ x 10.7 ″ x 9.9 ″
Net weight / kg)10.4 pounds
Maximum total output power130 W
Sound technologyDeeper Bass
Supported sound barsS60T, S60A, S50A
Wireless connectivityBluetooth
Power requirements110-240V – 50 / 60Hz
Energetic certificationENERGY STAR
Official siteSamsung


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