Serhan Swift mu2 Mk II: Scan-Speak drivers and Les Davis Audio internal damping

The Australian company Serhan Swift has presented the second version of mu2 speakers. The first came out under the Brigadiers Audio brand. In addition, the experience of working on the mu2 Special Edition model was taken into account in the speakers.

According to the developers, this time almost all system components were “thoroughly revised and significantly improved”: the case, the woofer, the tweeter and the crossover. The latter is divided by band (two circuits – for low and high frequencies).

These crossovers are also redesigned. They are hand-soldered in silver on 5 mm thick boards. Parts – premium Solen air coils, polypropylene capacitors and non-inductive resistors.


Speakers – Scan-Speak Revelator Premium Series – 5 “woofer and” ring radiator tweeter, housed in a cabinet with a redesigned multilayer wall structure. In the inner volume, a layer of damping material is applied, specially made for the mu2 by Les Davis Audio.


Despite the declared design of the crossover, on the rear panel of the Serhan Swift mu2 Mk II, under the round port of the bass reflex, there is only one pair of Cardas speaker cable terminals. These are high purity rhodium-plated copper screw terminals.

Result: the frequency range was 45 Hz – 30 kHz with a sensitivity of 84 dB / 1 m / 2.83 V and an impedance of 6 ohms. The founders of the brand have personally signed the nameplate located on the back of each speaker. The design of the new products is strict and laconic, with an asymmetrical arrangement of the tweeter. There are two finishes: black or white matte surfaces.

In the UK, a pair of Serhan Swift mu2 Mk II shelf units will cost £ 6,500.

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