Sonoro EscapeSonoro Escape
Sonoro Escape

Sonoro Escape: Reference-grade portable hi-fi speakers

Sonoro has unveiled its new Escape range of wireless speaker systems, aptly named to suggest liberation from the constraints of cables. The series currently features three models: P9, P6 Air, and P6 BT.


The P9 model boasts a unique circular radiation pattern and is powered by a built-in battery capable of delivering 16 hours of continuous playback. It is equipped with four speakers and utilizes a Bluetooth 4.2 interface for wireless connectivity. Additionally, it offers flexibility with AUX and USB ports for direct connections to audio sources.

For enhanced functionality, there’s an optional M1 Air Wi-Fi module available for purchase. A notable feature of the P9 is the Twin Mode function, which allows two P9 speakers to be paired for stereo sound. This speaker has a weight of 12.3 kg and measures 731 x 220 x 220 mm.


The P6 BT variant, lighter at 7.5 kg, comes with two drivers positioned to project sound upwards, and it too can be paired with another unit for stereo audio. The P6 Air model distinguishes itself by supporting a range of advanced streaming technologies, including Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Google Chromecast, and it also boasts Roon certification. The dimensions and weight of the P6 Air are the same as those of the P6 BT model.

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