Sonos Sub (GEN3): A unique wireless subwoofer

The Sonos Sub (Gen3) is a wireless subwoofer that adds the perfect final touch to your Sonos system. Setting it up is easy – just plug it in and use the Sonos app for deep, dynamic bass that fills the room. Pair it with Sonos speakers for a cable-free stereo system.

You can also use the Sub (Gen3) to enhance your TV and movie experience by combining it with a Sonos soundbar and additional wireless speakers for surround sound. The powerful bass ensures you feel every explosion and effect.


Featuring two front-facing bass elements, the Sonos Sub (Gen3) eliminates vibrations that can affect sound quality. Its versatile design allows for both vertical and horizontal placement, giving you flexibility in positioning.

Available in high-gloss black or white, the Sonos Sub (Gen3) can be mounted on the wall with a specially designed accessory. Remember that it requires the new S2 app from Sonos, so older products may need to use the S1 app or consider upgrading to the latest Sonos devices for full compatibility.


Sonos: The original wireless multi-room music system

Sonos is the original complete multi-room music system for your entire family and your entire home. Everyone understands how it works almost immediately, and almost every music streaming service imaginable is fully integrated. Sonos is the market’s best-selling and well-tested streaming system.

Sonos is fully integrated with the streaming services TIDAL (incl. TIDAL HiFi), Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and others. This gives you access to more than 50 million songs of your choice. You control it all wirelessly from your phone/tablet (Apple iOS/Android), or from PC/Mac.

Sonos is constantly being updated with new features. The updates are automatically downloaded to your Sonos system, so your Sonos experience gets better and better over time.

If you love good sound for movies and TV, but want to get rid of systems and cables, Sonos has the solution for you. You can add two wireless Sonos speakers as rear channels to your Sonos soundbar. Then you get a 5-channel surround system that lifts your movie experiences to the next level. If you want more and better bass, you can expand further with a wireless Sonos subwoofer.

Although it won’t be a true surround home cinema, you still get a film sound that nicely matches the great image quality of today’s TVs. Completely without the setup and cables that come with a traditional solution. And of course you can control the volume with the TV remote control. It can be done so simply and elegantly.




  • Wireless signal transmission
  • Unique and vibration-free design
  • Can be placed both vertically and horizontally
  • Easy setup via help guide in the Sonos app
  • Wall bracket is available as an optional extra


  • Not as compact as some traditional alternatives
  • Some traditional subwoofers can deliver more precise and detailed bass
  • Only works with Sonos

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