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Sony HT-X8500: Feature-packed budget soundbar

Sony presents a budget soundbar model HT-X8500 designed for small rooms with support for the Dolby Atmos format. Hear sound from all sides with simulated surround sound 7.1.2. Vertical Surround...

Sony HT-X8500
Sony HT-X8500

Sony presents a budget soundbar model HT-X8500 designed for small rooms with support for the Dolby Atmos format. Hear sound from all sides with simulated surround sound 7.1.2. Vertical Surround Engine, our latest surround sound technology, lets you enjoy the Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X experience from one slim device. No matter what room you’re in, advanced DSP technology allows just two front-facing speakers to deliver full, cinematic sound from all angles, including from above.

Like other soundbars available today, the Sony HT-X8500 is a long, narrow slab with two full-range speakers at the ends and two subwoofers in the center. The soundbar is the same length as a regular 40-inch TV, but that doesn’t mean its use is limited to TVs of that size. You can place the HT-X8500 soundbar on a table, in front of your TV, or mount it on the wall, directly below your wall-mounted TV. In any case, the ideal position for the soundbar is directly under the TV screen. If you place it on the same table or stand as the TV, you’ll have to be careful with positioning. The soundbar is quite tall and can block the IR receiver and the bottom of the screen.

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The Sony HT-X8500 has a metal grille covering the drivers and a textured top panel. It has touch buttons for power, source selection, Bluetooth and volume control, as well as six indicator lights for Atmos, DTS: X, Vertical Surround, TV, HDMI and Bluetooth. The first three are sound modes, and the last three are dedicated to the source being used.

The Sony HT-X8500 soundbar does not have a display, which is a disadvantage for a relatively expensive option. The soundbar shows its status and additional information using only flashing indicator lights, in various combinations. The Sony HT-X8500 soundbar doesn’t have many ports and inputs, relying on the few it has for most of its functionality. It has an HDMI input (version 2.2), an HDMI output (which supports HDMI ARC and eARC), an optical audio input, and a power input.

Five different sound modes enhance your entertainment experience. Immerse yourself deeper in movies with Theater Mode and up your gaming game with Game Mode, created by the PlayStation team. Sports mode fine-tunes the ambient crowd noise so you can feel the underlying tone in action, while Music mode lets you hear the details of each song. News mode is designed for clear dialogue.

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Now you can enjoy everything you watch in maximum 7.1.2ch. Our advanced digital signal processing transforms even stereo audio into cinematic surround sound with the touch of a button on the remote control.

Measuring just 890 x 64 x 96mm, the Sony HT-X8500 soundbar is thin, compact and unobtrusive to complement your BRAVIA TV. Distinctive design elements include a perforated metal speaker grille and subwoofer channels on both sides.

With 4K HDR 18Gbps resolution and HDCP 2.2/HDCP 2.3, the Sony HT-X8500 soundbar is designed for the latest home theater formats. Connect your gaming console, UHD Blu-ray™ player or your set-top box, and your TV with HDMI and optical digital inputs.

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With a Sony BRAVIA TV that supports a Bluetooth® transmitter, you can send audio to your soundbar wirelessly. With HDMI eARC, you can enjoy the latest high-bitrate surround sound formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X from your compatible TV.

Connect the Sony HT-X8500 to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth® technology to wirelessly stream all your favorite albums and playlists.


Weights and Measurements

Dimensions (Approx.)

Bar speaker: 35 1/8 ×2 5/8 × 3 7/8 in (890 x 64 x 96 mm) Carton: 949 x 160 x 170 mm (WxHxD)

Weight (Approx.)

Bar speaker: 6 lb 13 2/5 oz (3.1 kg) Gross weight: 5kg


Wi-Fi® Connectivity



Power Consumption (in Operation)





Audio Formats

Dolby Atmos / DTS:X


360 Reality Audio


Hi-Res Audio


Sound Function

Sound Field Optimization