Stratton Acoustics unveils Element 12 speaker


The English manufacturer Stratton Acoustics has launched a new loudspeaker called Element 12. The Element 12 is a two-way speaker with a matching stand. It can be supplied in four versions.

British-based Stratton Acoustics is a very young loudspeaker manufacturer. The first model was the Elypsis 1512 and the second model is the Element 12. The Element 12 is much smaller, but including the integrated stand it takes up as much space as a floorstander. Just like the Elypsis 152, the Element 12 is a bass reflex speaker

The Element 12 was designed by the same duo that designed the Elypsis 1512, namely David Fowler (founder, designer and manufacturer) and Phil Ward (electro-acoustic engineer). According to the manufacturer, the performance goals of the Element 12 are identical: to provide a unique, unusual focus on dynamics, rhythm and involvement, but contained in a smaller, more easily accommodated chassis. The Element 12 is available in four distinctive high-gloss finishes and according to the manufacturer, it is entirely artisanal in nature, precision designed and handcrafted in Britain by a team of talented specialist technicians. under the watchful eye and guidance of the makers.

The Element 12’s internally reinforced cabinet is formed from 26mm/46mm bamboo panels. The woofer has a paper cone with a diameter of twelve inches, hence the name. The manufacturer has installed double voice coils and a NeFeB magnet (neodymium-iron-boron). The two reflex ports are at the bottom and are therefore placed out of sight. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the Element 12 picks up at 38 Hz.

Treble reproduction is handled by a 29mm soft dome tweeter and it is the same as in the Elypsis 1512. The tweeter is housed in Stratton’s patented mechanically isolated tweeter construction and, again, using a NeFeB magnet motor. At 94 dB the sensitivity is impressively high, so the user could use a small (tube) amplifier.

The speaker is supported by an integral custom-made stand, formed from three millimeter thick, powder-coated steel structural panels, which are based on Voronoi geometry. The base stands on a high-gloss bamboo layer and a base of natural cork.

“There are many forms of addiction,” explains designer David Fowler, “ours is simply the desire to continue creating beautifully crafted, artisan-built speakers that nail you to your seat the moment you hear the music. games that you can’t get enough of.”

The Element 12 will make its UK debut in the Vertere Acoustics room (Stowe) during AudioShow Deluxe, taking place at Whittlebury Hall in Northamptonshire, March 23-24, 2024.

Price and delivery information

Initially, the speaker will be available in four high-gloss mirror finishes: Piano White with Silver, Piano Black with Black and Gold, Maple with Silver, and Ziricote with Black and Gold. The recommended retail price is $38,000 per pair.

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