Suesskind Audio unveils Beo modular speaker system

The German company Suesskind Audio has expanded its product range with three Beo two-component acoustics . Each model is a two-way monitor and subwoofer.

Buyers will be able to choose between the Beo , Beo LX and Beo EX options .


The base Beo has a 29mm ring-shaped tweeter. Model Beo the LX has a beryllium tweeter, Beo EX – belt. The midrange is in all cases taken over by the 15 cm Scan-Speak driver . The subwoofer, regardless of version, is equipped with a 26mm Scan-Speak driver with A ir Bass .

The nominal power of the basic version is 300 W, the other two are 320 W. The maximum power for Beo is 300W, Beo LX and Beo EX are 500W.

In the European market, Beo loudspeakers are sold for 10,650 euros . For the Beo LX variant you will have to pay 15 620 euros , for the  Beo EX – 16 000 euros .



Source: Suesskind Audio

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