T+A Criterion S 230
T+A Criterion S 230
T+A Criterion S 230

T+A Criterion S 230: Beautiful loudspeakers unveiled

T+A is advancing its loudspeaker lineup by unveiling the initial model of the Criterion series. The Criterion S 230 introduces the design aesthetics, technologies, and construction standards of the Solitaire series, but at a more accessible price point.

A glance at the front of the Criterion S 230 speaker reveals its strong kinship with the Solitaire series. Mirroring the Solitaire S 430, the Criterion S 230 employs T+A’s “Symmetric Directivity” design. This approach pairs midrange drivers and tweeters to distribute sound in a way that minimizes reflections and auditory smudging. However, the team in Herford didn’t merely reuse existing technology; they refined the “Symmetric Directivity” system from the Solitaire S 430, customizing it for its new component, a magnesium tweeter.

In the lower frequencies, T+A incorporates the latest iteration of its MultiResonator transmission line technology, drawing upon the principles of both the MultiResonator and compensated transmission line systems from prior series.

T+A Criterion S 230 viewed from the side

This technology features a meticulously engineered multi-resonator structure within the speaker, akin to an organ pipe, which amplifies sound pressure in the bass range while also delivering exceptional transient and impulse response. This design effectively prevents tonal discoloration and inaccuracies before they arise. The Criterion S 230 is offered in finishes of satin black abrasive varnish, silver abrasive varnish, and Macassar.

Price: €9,500