The most impressive horn loudspeakers ever made
The most impressive horn loudspeakers ever made
The most impressive horn loudspeakers ever made

The most impressive high-end loudspeakers ever made

Since the early twentieth century, horn acoustic design has persisted as a primary choice for speakers capable of faithfully reproducing sound “in full bloom.” In this article, we will explore some of the most remarkable high-end horn loudspeakers available today. The 15 examples showcased truly epitomize the epitome of auditory excellence.


15. Klipsch Jubilee

Price: $17,999

Representing the pinnacle of Klipsch’s advancements in audio technology, the Jubilee loudspeakers leave a lasting impression not just due to their size but also because of an active crossover featuring an ultra-low crossover point. At the top, a 7” K-693 titanium compression driver is paired with a duo of 12” woofers, all operating within a horn design that achieves an impressive 105 dB sensitivity. With a frequency response spanning from 18 to 20,000 Hz, Klipsch’s Jubilee loudspeakers bring the concept of hyperrealism to a new level within this price category. Bravo indeed.


14. ODEON Audio Carnegie

Price: $27,000

The flagship ODEON Audio Carnegie speakers excel with a remarkable 97dB sensitivity, proving to be an excellent match for low-power tube amplification. Featuring a 38mm milar compression tweeter with a powerful 2.4 Tesla magnet system, a 13cm midrange driver, and a substantial 38cm woofer, these components are housed within proprietary multilayer wood composite horns. Operating in a frequency range from 26 Hz to 29 kHz, these speakers effortlessly outperform many competitors in the “initial High End” segment, delivering exceptional value for their price tag.


13. Destination Audio Vista

Price: $95,000

Exhibiting a vintage charm paired with remarkable performance, the Destination Audio Vista speakers achieve an impressive 105 dB sensitivity, making them easily driven even by a one-watt amplifier. These speakers feature a compression tweeter, a midrange driver with a phenol diaphragm, and a pair of formidable 16” woofers, delivering sound pressure levels of up to 120 dB. With a frequency response spanning from 35 to 19,000 Hz, an 8-ohm resistance, and a substantial weight of 245 kg per speaker, the Destination Audio Vista speakers stand as a testament to enduring craftsmanship and sonic prowess.


12 Viking Acoustic Grande Voix

Price: $70,000 

The remarkable Viking Acoustic Grande Voix pays homage to the past while delivering outstanding macro dynamics in sound. These speakers feature a 1.25” textile tweeter, a 6.5” AlNiCo magnetic system midrange driver (both enclosed in a horn design), and an impressive 18” woofer. With a sensitivity of 98 dB, a frequency response spanning from 19 to 30,000 Hz, these speakers achieve the extraordinary. They embody the notion that the impossible is indeed possible.


11. AER Pnoe

Price: $86,000

As if plucked from the canvases of Salvador Dali, the AER Pnoe speakers earn their title as the “ultimate” horn speakers for a reason. These speakers employ the top-branded BD4 wideband drivers, featuring a single-band circuit that eliminates the need for a crossover, resulting in exceptionally transparent sound. With a remarkable 116dB sensitivity, and a giant reverse horn for the bass, these speakers offer a 20Hz bandwidth that truly sets them apart.


10. VIVA Nuda

Price: $101,500

VIVA’s four-way stalwarts incorporate horns at medium and mid-bass frequencies. While not disclosing all the characteristics of the Nuda model, VIVA assures optimal performance when paired with their proprietary tube amplification. The speakers boast a frequency response of 20 – 30,000 Hz with minimal error. Judging by demonstrations at audio exhibitions, the VIVA Nuda has the potential to captivate even the most seasoned audiophiles.


9. Diesis Audio Roma

Price: $180,000 

Diesis Audio introduced the Roma speakers, an uncompromising audio powerhouse weighing 115kg each. This impressive design includes a pair of 15″ dipole woofers, a 2″ midrange compression driver, and a 1″ tweeter. Boasting a sensitivity of 98.5 dB, a frequency response spanning from 30 to 38,000 Hz, and a maximum power input of 400 watts, these speakers offer an outstanding audio experience. Described as akin to an open window, the sound from the Roma speakers promises a truly immersive and captivating listening experience.


8. Aries Cerat Symphonia LE

Price: $125,000

While the Aries Cerat Symphonia LE speakers may not claim the pinnacle in the company’s model range, their presentation is truly exceptional. These speakers feature multilayer extravagant horns, entirely free from resonances. Handling the high frequencies is a RAAL ribbon driver, complemented by a 4” compression driver and a woofer in the return horn. With a sensitivity of 101 dB and a frequency response ranging from 30 to 100,000 Hz, these speakers are adorned with finishing touches that set them apart.


7. Avantgarde Trio G3

Price: $200,000 

With a resistance of 27 ohms and an astonishing sensitivity of 109 dB, the Avantgarde Trio G3 speakers present an intriguing combination. It seems these speakers could be stirred with just a light touch, and for those who prefer convenience, the company offers an iTRON version with full active inclusion, including a digital-to-analog conversion module with preamplification and streaming options. The refined sound of the Avantgarde Trio G3 is truly captivating.


6. Oswalds Mill Audio Imperia

Price: $280,000

Oswalds Mill Audio is renowned for its exceptionally high-priced products, and the Imperia speakers are no exception. Priced at almost three hundred thousand dollars, these horns cover a frequency range of 100 – 20,000 Hz, with additional support from a pair of signature remote subwoofers featuring 21” speakers. Offering an honest frequency response starting from 20 Hz, a sensitivity of 105 dB, and an unparalleled sound canvas, the Oswalds Mill Audio Imperia stands in a league of its own, challenging any comparison.


5. Tune Audio Avaton

Price: $396,000

The Tune Audio Avaton, born out of five years of development and retailing for almost four hundred thousand dollars, stands as a pinnacle in audio engineering. Operating in a frequency range of 32 Hz, these acoustic systems feature an 18” speaker weighing 21 kg for substantial low-end support. Following from below is an asymmetrical mid-bass horn crafted from a special dampening sandwich and a cast iron HF horn. With a 3-watt amplification driving them, these speakers boast a remarkable sensitivity of 105 dB. The Tune Audio Avaton is a testament to precision and excellence in audio design.


4. Acapella Spharon Excalibur

Price: $620,000

Standing at a towering height of 2.3 meters and weighing a substantial 620 kg each, the Acapella Spharon loudspeakers represent the pinnacle of Acapella’s flagship offerings. These speakers feature a plasma tweeter handling the treble, while the mid frequencies are produced by two speakers (2” and 12”) within horns. The bass is robustly supported by four 18” drivers. Operating in a frequency range from 15 to 40,000 Hz, these speakers boast an impressive sensitivity of 107 dB. The result? A mind-blowing auditory experience.


3. Magico Ultimate

Price: $700,000 

The Magico Ultimate has created quite a buzz with its phenomenal appearance and distinctive sound signature. Weighing an impressive 500 kg each, these loudspeakers boast a sensitivity of 114 dB, an impedance of 16 ohms, and a frequency response spanning from 20 to 33,000 Hz. The driver lineup includes a 1” tweeter, a 6” midrange, another lower midrange, a 12” mid-bass (all housed in horns), and a 15” woofer complete with its own kW amplifier. The Magico Ultimate delivers an unparalleled auditory experience.


2. Vox Olympian

Price: $885,000 

An endeavor to culminate the design of acoustic systems from a renowned British developer, the Vox Olympian quad speakers showcase horn main units and Elysian remote subwoofers spanning from 20 to 70 Hz. Weighing 210 kg, the “main” speakers conclude the frequency response from 70 to 45,000 Hz, employing an intricate four-way circuit with bronze horns. The result is nothing short of absolutely phenomenal.


1. Cessaro Omega I

Price: $ 1,122,000

Until recently, it appeared impossible to surpass the price tags of the Magico Ultimate or Vox Olympian, but Cessaro, with their Omega I speakers, shattered even these barriers. These acoustics, designed for millionaires, weigh an astounding 4.5 tons (not a typo), boast a claimed sensitivity of 116 dB, and are equipped with eight speakers, including massive 16” woofers. Bravo indeed.