Thorens unveils SoundWall HP 600 dipole loudspeakers

Thorens SoundWall HP 600
Thorens SoundWall HP 600

Thorens has announced the release of the SoundWall HP 600 speaker systems , which are an updated version of the classic dipole models of the SoundWall series, produced in the 1970s and 80s.

The novelty is a three-way speaker system in which all emitters work in an open acoustic design. The low-frequency range is reproduced by 12 (!) Speakers with a diameter of 150 mm , while the middle frequencies are entrusted to two separate drivers located on the sides of the two tweeters in a dipole connection. All radiators in the system are organized in the d’Appolito configuration, which allows creating the most point source of radiation. The lower limiting frequency is declared at the level of 30 Hz , the sensitivity of the system is 95 dB , the nominal impedance is 8 ohms . The weight of one column is 40 kg with dimensions of 600 x 1250 x 160 mm .

Retail price and release date for Thorens SoundWall HP 600 speaker systems will be announced later.