Top 10 ultra high-end speakers to buy in 2023
Top 10 ultra high-end speakers to buy in 2023
Top 10 ultra high-end speakers to buy in 2023

Top 10 ultra high-end speakers to buy in 2024

One of the fastest growing sectors of the audiophile market right now is expensive speakers. Significant funds are invested in the development of Ultra High End acoustic systems – and almost every week the market is surprised by a new speaker that strikes the imagination of even worldly-wise specialists.

Our new selection contains 10 ultra high-end speakers that you should consider in 2024. 



10. Acora Acoustics SRC-2


Outwardly, the Acora Acoustics SRC-2 lacks stars from the sky, and “on paper” the speakers have everything standard – a two and a half-way design, a pair of 7 ”drivers with paper sandwich cones and an inch Ring Radiator tweeter, 92.5 dB sensitivity … Nevertheless, the reference cases weighing 111 kg are completely devoid of resonances, the crossover element base is precise, and the sound in terms of spatiality is more reminiscent of a window wide open to the street.


9. Cessaro Opus One


The brand new Cessaro Opus One are designed in unusual for the company compact cases weighing 63 kg. The model uses a two-way circuit and operates in the range from 40 Hz to 22 kHz, reaching 97.5 dB of sensitivity at a resistance of 6 ohms. The speakers are easily “wound up” even from a low-power pentode tube amplifier and guarantee a stunning attack. The proprietary 8” woofer with an Alnico magnetic system and a one-inch beryllium tweeter in an aluminum horn work wonders.


8. Vimberg Mino D


Slim Vimberg Mino D is a prime example of cutting-edge speakers. Sparkling sound with a lot of detail clearly demonstrates what a true High End is, a 30 mm diamond tweeter unearths a lot of nuances in any recording, and support in the face of a 90 mm Accuton ceramic midrange and 168 mm Accuton woofers with sandwich aluminum cones is exceptionally good. Mogami internal wiring, aluminum-milled front panel, crossover based on Mundorf and Duelund elements, 72 kg of weight – everything is fine here.


7. Malbork Warsaw Loudspeakers


Oh, this is a special dish! AC Malbork Warsaw Loudspeakers amaze the imagination not only with their extravagant appearance, but also with their hyper-realistic sound. Each speaker here is enclosed in its own insulated aluminum cabinet, a Neodymium Aero Striction tweeter works on the tweeter, then traditional drivers work. The speakers cover the band from 39 to 30,000 Hz and offer 88.5 dB of sensitivity.


6. Børresen 02 Silver Supreme


The tiny Børresen 02s in the reference version with Silver Supreme cryogenic treatment can literally blow you away with their sound – we have before us, perhaps, one of the most notable novelties of the season. All speakers are of our own design, their magnetic systems do not have iron. The treble is voiced by the lightest tape, then branded membranes made of carbon / Nomex work. The declared frequency response is from 40 to 30,000 Hz, the resistance is 4 ohms and the sensitivity is 88 dB.


5. Goebel Divin Marquis


The speakers use proprietary technology for forming the “correct” sound of Bending wave from an 8” midrange speaker and massive 12” Lossless Bass woofers, a ribbon tweeter is responsible for the treble. In these columns, literally everything screams about quality – from the reference cabinet to the completely isolated crossover. The 150 kg mastodons operate from 21 to 28,000 Hz, sway easily with a 92dB sensitivity, and offer an amazingly large sound.


4. Aries Cerat Aurora Reference


More like the Borg cube from Star Trek or some other alien artifact, the Aries Cerat Aurora Reference uses 12” paper woofers and a horn tweeter. 100 dB (!) of sensitivity and frequency response from 30 Hz are included, and the sound seems to be a weighty and tangible body.


3. Estelon Forza


All the brilliance of Ultra-High End can be appreciated using the example of Estelon Forza – as well as hearing the famous “brilliance”. The speakers are built in a four-way concept with acoustic design “closed box”. A pair of 250mm Accuton CELL Aluminum Sandwich woofers, 190mm Accuton CELL Aluminum Sandwich and 168mm Accuton CELL Ceramic midrange drivers, Accuton CELL Diamond tweeters, Kubala-Sosna internal wiring – just brilliant. The frequency response of the model is 25 – 60,000 Hz, the input power is 400 W, the resistance is 3 Ohm, the sensitivity is 90 dB.


2. Credo Audio LTM


The Swiss Credo Audio LTM speakers are built on the principle of a Line Array speaker array – a three-way design includes 32 x 22 mm Ring Radiator tweeters, 14 x 4 ”Kevlar midrange drivers and 4 x 12” woofers. The system guarantees bass from 16 Hz, 85.5 dB of sensitivity and weighs 155 kg. If you want to know what a real “wall of sound” is, you are here.


1. Avantgarde Trio G3


Avantgarde’s latest development is the grandiose Trio G3 speaker systems. The model has a resistance of as much as 27 ohms with a sensitivity of 109 dB – in fact, a record for ease of buildup. The sound feels indistinguishable from reality and exceptionally large, and ordering options include a fully active iTRON version and an upgrade to wireless speakers with all sorts of over-the-air streaming options. Bravo!