Triangle Borea BR03
Triangle Borea BR03
Triangle Borea BR03

Triangle Borea BR03: Speakers with an extremely linear tonal balance

The Borea line from the famous French brand received an award from the EISA association – “Best Buy Home Theater Speaker System 2020 – 2021”. Home movies are good, but sometimes you want to listen to music on the same acoustics. After all, a manufacturer cannot necessarily be judged by its most expensive models.

The Borea line is notable because it is new, while Triangle does not tend to regularly update its range, and many series have been successfully produced for over a decade. The Triangle Borea BR03 itself is a classic two-way model, second from the bottom in its budget line. It, in turn, is interesting for its sensitivity of 90 dB, although the typical value for monitors of this size is 87 – 88 dB. Three “extra” decibels means a doubling of sound pressure with the same input power, and this significantly expands the possibilities when choosing an amplifier. So when we listened, we tried three different options, but more on that later.


The second interesting feature of the Triangle Borea BR03 is the new tweeter design, developed specifically for the Borea series. An inch silk dome is placed in a short waveguide, essentially a mini-horn, forming the desired radiation pattern. An original EFS (Ecient Flow System) phase-equalizing element in the form of two vertical “arrows” is installed in front of the dome. They eliminate dips in the frequency response that arise due to the interference of sound waves emitted by the central and peripheral sections of the dome. The magnetic system is neodymium, which, in combination with the horn, led to the high sensitivity of the tweeter.

The design of the midrange drivers was borrowed from the Triangle Esprit Ez line. The geometry of the lightweight 16cm raw cellulose cones has been optimized to eliminate local resonances and resulting sound coloration. In the center is a phase-equalizing “bullet,” an element rarely found in budget-class acoustics. The wide elastic suspension is designed for large
displacements of the moving system. Mid-bass drivers in a bass-reflex design begin to reproduce bass from 46 Hz – this is an honest declared value for such a body volume. So that the monitors can be placed close to the wall (although this is not recommended), the bass reflex ports are located on the front panel.

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Nothing is reported about the features of the crossovers; only the crossover frequency is known – 3600 Hz. As a rule, for two-way monitors it does not exceed 2500 – 2700 Hz, but the developers of the Triangle Borea BR03 clearly tried to make sure that the voice range that is most important for our hearing is reproduced by one speaker. Borea cases are constructed from MDF with perforated internal panels made of EVA foam, which acts as a vibration absorber. And finally, recently, models in this series began to be produced in a new fashionable “light oak” finish, and this is natural veneer, not imitation. This style is considered Scandinavian; light furniture is now really popular in the countries of this region. Other options are walnut, black ash, matte white. Triangle Borea BR03 monitors are recommended by the manufacturer for rooms with an area of ​​15 to 30 m².


The first impression is that the Triangle Borea BR03 have an extremely linear tonal balance, but at the same time there is no “monitor” indifference or analytical detachment in their character. They show the recording vividly, moderately bright and detailed. It is the detail inherent in acoustics with paper diffusers that makes the sound not background, but makes you listen to the music and find new nuances on familiar tracks. The tweeters produce a light, voluminous spectrum that harmoniously fits into the overall picture, complementing it with “atmospheric” components. Everything is very smooth, without unnecessary accents, and at the same time beautiful.

Midbass drivers quickly respond to sudden changes in the input signal, so hits are transmitted clearly, with a natural attack. Accordingly, the rhythmic structure of a musical work is correctly built, regardless of its genre. Despite the modest dimensions of the case, the monitors are able to easily produce fairly high peak levels, due to which their overall character is perceived as dynamic and free.

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The bass, of course, is not record low, but quite energetic, clear, and well controlled. And, what is important, without unpleasant artifacts – buzzing, muttering, etc. Double bass – every note is literally sculpted, the bass drum hit with decent filling. Yes, it doesn’t hit you in the gut, but it’s quite convincing to the ears. These monitors have another attractive property: tweeters with a proprietary design draw the sound picture very accurately. The location of instruments in the scene, spatial effects, reverberations – all this is shown with a clear reference to a specific place in the sound stage.

Specifications Triangle Borea BR03

Type Bass Reflex
Sensitivity (dB / W / m) 90
Frequency response (+/- 3 dB Hz – kHz) 46-22
Amplifier power (W Rms) 100
Impedance 4.2 Ohm
Dimensions (H x W x D) 378 x 315 x 206 mm
Weight 6.9 kg / pcs.