Triangle Borea BR08
Triangle Borea BR08
Triangle Borea BR08

Triangle Borea BR08: Iconic floor-standing speakers

The Triangle Borea BR08 floorstanding speaker , a variation of the iconic Antal, was the reference model when developing the Borea line. Elegant and sophisticated, it features four speakers and three channels. It features a new EFS 25mm fabric dome tweeter, as well as a completely new 16cm midrange driver with a completely redesigned profile that uses a cellulose pulp membrane. Finally, two 16cm fiberglass cone woofers complete the BR08.

Triangle Borea BR08

The three-way design allows the entire audible frequency range to be reproduced without interference between different drivers, resulting in the BR08’s subtle and accurate sound reproduction.

This model is ideal for rooms ranging from 20 to 40 square meters. m.

Powerful technology
BR08 loudspeaker systems use the technological and acoustic innovations of the Esprit Ez series, including the cabinet and speaker cones.

EFS tweeter
The tweeter that is equipped with the Borea series speakers uses a new generation system called EFS (Efficient Flow System). This system is based on the combination of a 25mm silk dome, known for its neutrality, and a bass reflex port specifically designed for uniform distribution of high frequencies. This system dramatically reduces directivity, no matter where you listen in the room. The speaker diaphragm is housed inside a horn cone, which limits edge effects for clear reproduction of high-frequency sound. This emitter is powered by a neodymium magnet motor, capable of generating high magnetic energy in a small footprint. It is connected to a heat sink, which guarantees better power handling.

Natural Cellulose Mid-Frequency Driver:
The Borea series uses a mid-range driver with a diaphragm made of 100% natural pulp, which does not undergo any surface treatment. This avoids coloration of intermediate frequencies to reproduce voices realistically, while providing the characteristic grain with the most beautiful effect. The diaphragm profile has been redesigned to increase the driver’s rigidity and improve its frequency response.

Impact Bass
Triangle focuses on fast and precise bass drivers using greater motorization and housed in a specially optimized enclosure. The result is punchy and direct bass that promotes controlled rhythm reproduction. The bass drivers integrated here use a fiberglass membrane. This material provides high impact power without affecting vocal register or overall coherence.

DVAS System:
Following extensive research into reducing internal cabinet-related vibrations, the Borea Series speaker systems use openwork MDF and EVA foam interior panels to stiffen the transducer and cabinet. This process reduces structural vibration while absorbing low frequency vibrations.
This patented system, developed by Triangle and called DVAS (Driver Vibration Absorption System), uses a high-density EVA foam pad at the end of each internal mount, ensuring perfect contact between the speaker and the mount, thereby reducing vibrations generated by the speaker and transmitting only a small amount of vibration. number of vibrations per body. This DVAS system provides a high degree of neutrality and clarity, without coloration of the sound.

Each Borea series speaker has its own decoupling system. The BR02s come with rubber pads that protect the underside of the speakers while also limiting vibration transmission.

Magnetic grill:
All Borea speakers have a magnetic protective cover that leaves no screws or inserts visible.