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Triangle Capella

Triangle Capella: Wireless active two-way speakers

Triangle has announced the Capella, an active wireless two-way speaker with streaming functions. The wireless connection is via WiSA technology with the included Stereo Hub.

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The new Triangle Capella comes with the compact Stereo Hub. This makes the Triangle Capella suitable for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (Airplay, Chromecast, UPnP/DLNA, Roon Ready). All communication, including the connection of wired analogue or digital sources, goes via the Stereo Hub, which communicates wirelessly with the speakers using WISA technology. The compact stereo hub is therefore the central point of the Capella system. The Stereo Hub has the following wired connections; 1 x HDMI (ARC/CEC), 1 x stereo cinch, 1 x S/PDIF coaxial, 1 x USB-B, 3 x optical S/PDIF and 1 x stereo jack plug combined with optical. The wireless WiSA technology is suitable for bridging large distances, i.e. greater than with Bluetooth.

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The Triangle Capella active speakers benefit from a total output power of 2 x 100 Watts. Each driver has its own converter and a special 50 Watt amplification circuit. A next-generation digital signal processor (DSP) continuously monitors driver behavior to utilize the system’s full potential, especially in the low frequencies. The crossover is digitally controlled, which guarantees a linear frequency response.

Automatic calibration

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The Triangle Capella system adapts to the room. Thanks to the automatic calibration technology, the user can easily take measurements in the listening room, the Triangle Capella app then adjusts the sound response of the speakers to adapt to the room.

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The optionally available wireless ZEN microphone enables accurate measurements during the automatic calibration of the Triangle Capella system. It collects the data and sends it to the app, which then analyzes and corrects it.

Room calibration is available with the built-in microphones of Apple devices, while Android phones/tablets require the use of a Zen microphone. The Zen microphone is for sale for the price of 125 euros.


The Triangle Capella drivers benefit from the acoustic expertise and research carried out for the limited 40th anniversary edition of the Esprit range.

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The horn-loaded tweeter uses the new 25mm magnesium alloy dome and a matching phase plug. The woofer has a diameter of 16 centimeters and is equipped with a cellulose pulp membrane, a distinguishing feature of Triangle speakers.

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The Triangle Capella speakers are mounted on an aluminum base to allow unobstructed airflow around the port in the base plate. This ensures an even distribution of the low frequencies and allows easy placement of the speakers in the room.

Triangle Capella contains the patented DVAS technology, which consists of the use of a perforated reinforcement of the cabinet that is pressed against the driver by means of damping material, stiffening the cabinet. The shape of this reinforcement ensures optimized airflow from the port. The rounded shape of the cabinets, combined with the sculpted structure of the edges surrounding each driver, dampens sound distortions transmitted to the listener.

Triangle Lunar 3 turntable20240617223108 2024 06

Triangle collaborates with Pro-Ject to build the Lunar 3 turntable. The turntable is equipped with a phono preamplifier that allows direct connection to the stereo cinch input of the “Stereo Hub”. The turntable is available in the same colors as the Capella. The Lunar 3 is complete, which means that it comes with a carbon tonearm and a pre-assembled Ortofon cartridge of the 2M Red type.

Triangle S05 stands

The Capella speakers can be placed on a sideboard or on a suitable stand. Triangle recommends the S05 because the base of the speaker fits perfectly on the top plate. The S05 is available in different finishes to match your system: black, white, blue and dark wood.

Price and delivery information

Triangle Capella is available in four finishes i.e. Brown Nebula, Astral Blue, Black Star and Space White. Underneath the lacquer is burr walnut wood, with the wood grains gradually becoming visible before disappearing in a paint gradation. The speakers have accents of anodized aluminum with a champagne finish.

Triangle Capella: 2,500 euros per pair
Optional stands S05: 300 euros per pair
ZEN microphone: 125 euros

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