Triangle Elara LN01A
Triangle Elara LN01A
Triangle Elara LN01A

Triangle Elara LN01A: multimedia speaker with French practicality

The French company Triangle, following other leading manufacturers of Hi-Fi/High-End speaker systems, has turned its attention to the multimedia speaker market. With typical French practicality, Triangle engineers did not create active speakers from scratch. Choosing compact bookshelf speakers for modification from the company’s extensive list of loudspeakers, the engineers settled on the smallest Elara LN01 models. The pair were equipped with built-in amplifier modules with a power of 50 watts per channel (class D), which were placed in the main speaker, while the second remained passive. Another design detail is the absence of active crossovers; both speakers retain boards with passive filters. However, according to the manufacturer, the crossover of the Active versions has been modified to improve the matching of the speakers with specific amplifiers.


The arsenal of Elara LN01A speakers has not undergone any changes. The speakers are equipped with a mid/bass driver with a diameter of 100 mm and a tweeter with a 25 mm fabric dome framed by a DXT diffractive acoustic lens. The front panel of the main speaker, in addition to the speakers, has a round “eye” with a built-in IR sensor. The infrared receiver is used to receive commands from the remote control – a flat box with rows of buttons and all the functions available to the Elara LN01A, including the most popular: volume control and input switching.


On the rear panel there is a bass reflex port with a diameter of about 3 cm and a large panel with a variety of connectors: two line inputs – RCA (can be switched to Phono mode) and 3.5 mm (mini-jack), two digital – optical Toslink and coaxial input, RCA output -mono to subwoofer. The two acoustic terminals are not used to receive an audio signal, but, on the contrary, to connect its passive partner to the main speaker. The four marked inputs of the Triangle Elara LN01A do not exhaust the entire list of switching capabilities; the speakers are also equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 wireless receiver with support for the improved AptX codec (lossless transmission of CD-quality digital audio).

Triangle Elara LN01A are compact monitors with good multimedia capabilities, including wireless audio reception via Bluetooth. In terms of sound, the bookshelf speakers demonstrate a good “hi-fi” level and, if you do not require deep bass from the “kids,” they will play any genre from undemanding popular music to classics that are picky about equipment. And you can add bass by connecting a subwoofer to the speakers – there is a corresponding output. There are no difficulties in installing the Triangle Elara LN01A, the speed of switching sources or recognizing speakers in a wireless connection via Bluetooth. Everything works properly, as it should.


The speakers play intelligibly with a pleasant hitch in the upper part of the spectrum and a rhythmic low, providing a wide musical stage, evenly filled in azimuth. The signature feature of Triangle acoustics has not gone away either – good timing (precision in processing time transitions). The bass of the Triangle Elara LN01A is subjectively not particularly deep, but one should not expect anything else from such compact bookshelf speakers. But it is collected and clear, without unnecessary overtones from ports. If you “call for help” to the rear wall, placing the speakers closer to it, you can noticeably thicken the mid-bass. In general, the problem of deep bass in an audio system with Triangle Elara LN01A should be solved radically by adding a subwoofer to it. Fortunately, the manufacturer has provided for this possibility by equipping the active monitors with a separate output for the woofer.


Among the sound features of the Triangle Elara LN01A that may alarm some music lovers are the slightly distant, dryish mids, the speakers’ fascination with sibilance and the tonally rough top – at moderate volumes this is nothing more than a slight coloration, but as the sound level increases, the speakers begin to play harshly at the top. However, the noted errors do not spoil the favorable impression of the speakers, especially considering their affordable cost. It remains to name only the finishing options for Elara LN01A: black or white varnish with a glossy surface.

Characteristics Triangle Elara LN01A

Number of bands 2
Sensitivity: 89 dB
Frequency response: 56-22 Hz
Power: 2×50 W
Inputs: RCA, AUX, Optical, Phono, Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP APTX, Subwoofer Output
Dimensions: 165x235x291 mm
Weight: 9.5 kg – both speakers