Triangle Elara LN05A
Triangle Elara LN05A
Triangle Elara LN05A

Triangle Elara LN05A: Floorstanding speakers with a personality

Indeed, the acoustics from the Elara series of the French brand Triangle (triangle) have individuality. And this is felt not only in a highly dynamic and deep sound, but also in special notes, slightly perceptible and very natural. Model LN-05A is capable of sounding a room with an area of ​​15 to 30 square meters. meters, subject to ceiling heights of up to 3 meters.


The Triangle Elara LN-05A speaker system has two full-range speakers of 135 mm each, which provide coverage at low and mid frequencies. The reproduction range of these speakers starts at 47 Hertz with a nonlinearity level of frequency response (amplitude-frequency response) of +/- 3 dB. The speaker diffusers are cone-shaped and made of specially impregnated paper. These full-range drivers feature an advanced magnetic system. The high-frequency speaker (tweeter) has a diffuser diameter of 25 mm and is capable of reproducing music up to 22 kHz with a frequency response nonlinearity level of +/- 3 dB. The tweeter is made on the principle of a silk dome, which provides it with incredible lightness, dynamism and natural melody.


On the rear panel there is a bass reflex port with a diameter of about 3 cm and a large panel with a variety of connectors: two line inputs – RCA (can be switched to Phono mode) and 3.5 mm (mini-jack), two digital – optical Toslink and coaxial input, RCA output -mono to subwoofer. The two acoustic terminals are not used to receive an audio signal, but, on the contrary, to connect its passive partner to the main speaker. The four marked inputs of the Triangle Elara LN05A do not exhaust the entire list of switching capabilities; the speakers are also equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 wireless receiver with support for the improved AptX codec (lossless transmission of CD-quality digital audio).


The speaker body is made of special pressed MDF boards with a side wall thickness of 18 mm and a front plate of 21 mm. Inside the cabinet there are stiffening ribs that reduce vibration and the resonance effect, which ensures correct sound reproduction without distortion. The bass reflex is front-facing with a long channel and a round hole, designed in such a way as to reduce the effect of turbulence that occurs in it. This allows for high efficiency and makes it possible to use the speakers in a small room without compromising the sound at low frequencies.


The acoustics are completely covered with a special piano varnish in several layers in order to become “acoustically transparent,” that is, invisible to sound waves. The front part of the acoustics is covered with protective fabric grilles on magnets in black or white, depending on the main color of the speakers.

Technical characteristics of Triangle Elara LN05A:

Type: floor-standing 2.5 active band speaker system
Inputs: RCA, AUX, optical, Phono, Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP APTX, Subwoofer Bass
reflex type: front directed
Size of bass/mid frequency driver diffusers: 2 x 135 mm
Dimensions high-frequency driver cone: 25 mm, silk dome;
Rated music power: 90 W;
Reproducible frequency range: 47…22000 Hz (+/- 3 dB);
Recommended room: 15…30 sq.m (ceiling height 3 m);
Dimensions (H x W x D), mm: 900 x 165 x 263;
Weight: 13 kg.