Velodyne MiniVee X
Velodyne MiniVee X
Velodyne MiniVee X

Velodyne MiniVee X: Active subwoofer featuring an eight-inch speaker

The Velodyne MiniVee X is an active subwoofer featuring an eight-inch active speaker complemented by a passive driver of the same size. Utilizing a force-cancelling design, both drivers work to minimize unwanted housing vibrations.

The active chassis is equipped with a double-vented 2-inch voice coil boasting a four-layer winding, designed to deliver powerful and precise diaphragm movement.

The amplifier stage delivers an impressive output of 350 watts RMS and boasts excellent connectivity options. The MiniVee X also features automatic room correction, which can be conveniently accessed through the new Velodyne Acoustics Auto-EQ app. The package includes a properly matched calibration microphone for seamless setup.

In-wall subwoofer Velodyne SC IW 600 X and SC IW 800 X

Velodyne also caters to users seeking substantial bass while opting for in-wall mounting solutions. The Velodyne SC IW-600X features two six and a half inch drivers, while the SC IW-800X is equipped with two eight inch drivers.

If you’re in search of compatible amplifiers, the SC 750 and SC 1500 are excellent options to consider. Operating on the Class D principle, they can be controlled via RCA or XLR connections and feature clipping and overheating protection circuits.

Prices and availability

The in-wall subwoofers are available now, the Velodyne MiniVee X from February and the amplifiers from April this year – here is the price list:

  • Velodyne MiniVee X: $999
  • Velodyne SC IW 600 X: $1,299
  • Velodyne SC IW 800 X: $1,099
  • Velodyne SC 750: $1,799
  • Velodyne SC 1500: $2,199