Vivid Audio Moya M1: The most impressive and expensive speaker this year

Vivid Moya M1
Vivid Moya M1

Vivid Audio has unveiled its latest masterpiece, the ultra-luxurious Moya M1 speaker system. Vivid Audio Moya M1 is set to be the brand’s new flagship, embodying two decades of the company’s steadfast dedication to its founding design principles. Intriguingly, the design for this state-of-the-art speaker system was conceived in the hospital where its designer, Lawrence Dickie, was staying during a quarantine period.

The company highlights the inclusion of Super Flux magnets in the D26 tweeter as the cornerstone of its exceptional sound quality. These magnets achieve a 2.5 Tesla flux, effectively doubling the performance of conventional 25mm dome tweeters. Additionally, the speaker features an acoustic absorber designed with an expansive opening, ensuring the unhindered flow of sound waves from the back of the diaphragm.


At first glance, the Moya M1 demands attention with its impressive lineup of eight C225-100H woofers. Each woofer is equipped with a 100mm coil, capable of handling 800W, and operates using a radial rare earth magnet system featuring a 45 mm gap. This setup significantly surpasses the capabilities of the two C225 Giya G1 Spirit models, offering a fourfold increase in the number of drivers. This enhancement leads to a 6dB boost in efficiency and enables the extension of the frequency range’s lower boundary to below 20 Hz.

The cutting-edge D26DLC tweeters in the Moya M1 blend carbon fiber with aluminum, achieving performance levels that compete with the more expensive beryllium tweeters. Vivid Audio has made a point to mention that their proprietary tweeters surpass diamond tweeters in certain aspects. A notable benefit of using a reinforced aluminum dome over a diamond one is its lighter weight, which contributes to a significant 10 dB leap in efficiency.


The C100SCu mid-range speaker showcases an elevated sound quality, achieved through the utilization of high-energy magnetic materials and a shield made of high-purity copper. This sophisticated design not only enhances the audio experience but also significantly minimizes distortion.

Further enriching the sound are a 50mm D50DLC tweeter/midrange driver and a duo of C175-76 mid/bass drivers, each featuring a diaphragm reinforced with 175mm carbon fiber. This combination ensures a robust and clear audio output across a wide range of frequencies.

Marking a pivotal shift in its production approach, Vivid Audio has now taken full control over its manufacturing process. Unlike before, where production was outsourced, the entire production cycle is now handled in-house. Every component of the speaker system is meticulously crafted by hand by the company’s own skilled specialists, ensuring unparalleled quality and attention to detail.



  • Sensitivity – 92 dB;
  • Nominal resistance – 5 Ohms;
  • Frequency range – from 19 Hz to 42,000 Hz;
  • Power consumption – 3000 W;
  • Speaker dimensions – 1660 mm (H) x 660 mm (W) x 1210 mm (D);
  • Net weight: 346 kg.

The Moya M1 speaker system can already be purchased for 450,000 euros.

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