Wharfedale Evo 8: Goregous bookshelf speakers from France

Wharfedale Evo 8
Wharfedale Evo 8

In the Evolution series, or rather its second generation, the junior shelf model Evo 2-8 does not at all look like a poor relative, since it implements the same principles as its more significant brothers. The system is two-way, with a front port. The drivers here are of classic Focal design. The tweeter has a laminated fabric dome with a diameter of 25 mm, improved heat dissipation from the voice coil and is mounted on an anti-resonance base. A special composition is applied to the Kevlar membrane of the woofer, which dampens harmful emissions at medium frequencies characteristic of this material. The crossover elements have minimum tolerances, and the cable for internal wiring is made of pure OFC copper. Two pairs of quality terminals accept all types of connectors. The quality of assembly and finishing could well become a benchmark for other acoustic manufacturers.


The diffuser in this system is unusually light and durable. It is made from Kevlar. The synthetic impregnation in it is brought to a stable position by ultraviolet radiation. The mid-frequency voice coils are two-layer, while the low-frequency voice coils are four-layer wound to ensure tight tolerances on sound quality. The result is that these acoustics demonstrate very high fidelity. Low resonance enclosures are designed with multiple stiffeners. There is exceptionally correct sound transmission here, since thanks to the curved side walls of the housing, the formation of standing waves does not occur.

The chassis for the high-frequency loudspeakers is made of aluminum alloy. They are also protected from interference caused by lateral vibrations of the housing. In a high-frequency loudspeaker, the neodymium magnet is a high-power device – lightweight and yet very effective. This is what maintains fidelity at the top of the range and enhances the effect of “studio” sound.


Reproduction of various test material was characterized by linearity, precise tonal balance and minimal coloration throughout the entire range. The mid-high-frequency spectrum was transmitted especially richly and timbre-rich, literally with pinpoint precision. Thanks to this, you can literally immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the recording, which is rarely the case with speakers for that kind of money. I would call the upper range intelligent and calm; it fits perfectly into the overall character of the sound. The bass is very good for such compact systems; its structure and relief are conveyed extremely accurately, although the attack is somewhat sluggish. Because of this, the most expressive recordings of modern rock lose some of their drive. The systems form a very dense and stable sound stage, in its center the sources are clearly fixed in space, although at the edges their localization is not so confident. The separation in depth is two to three backgrounds. This acoustics has good sound reproduction combined with an affordable price. This acoustics gives music as it really is, not in “interpretation”.

All Evo-2 series products are produced in several color options: mahogany, cherry, light maple, black ash, as well as in a premium lacquer finish.

Characteristics Wharfedale Evo 8 

Number of bands 2
Maximum power 75 W
Separate connection of LF and HF (Bi-wiring) yes
Recommended amplifier power 30-150 W
Sensitivity 87 dB
Impedance 6 Ohm
Frequency range 65-28000 Hz (+/-3 dB)
Crossover frequency 2 kHz
Connector for connecting to a power amplifier screw
Gold-plated connectors yes
Type of emitters dynamic
HF emitter 25 mm
LF emitter 125 mm
Removable grille available
Dimensions (WxHxD) 185x300x336 mm
Weight 7 kg.

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