Wharfedale Super Denton
Wharfedale Super Denton
Wharfedale Super Denton

Wharfedale Super Denton: Vintage speakers brought back to life

Wharfedale has recently expanded its esteemed “vintage” Heritage line by introducing the new Super Denton speakers, which are inspired by the Denton 3 model that first made its appearance back in 1971. These newly unveiled systems pay homage to their predecessor by maintaining the classic 3-way design configuration. At the heart of their sound reproduction capability lies a woofer equipped with a Kevlar cone measuring 16.5 cm in diameter, adept at delivering bass frequencies starting from 40 Hz at a -6 dB level. The design incorporates a bass reflex feature, incorporating dual ports that are strategically positioned at the rear for optimized bass output.

For the midrange frequencies, the Super Denton monitors utilize a 50 mm driver, a component shared with the acclaimed Evo 4 series, ensuring clarity and depth in the vocal range. The treble is handled by a 1-inch tweeter, which boasts a decompression chamber and a ferrite magnet system reminiscent of the revered Dovedale model, ensuring crisp and detailed high frequencies. The crossover network is meticulously crafted with polypropylene capacitors and air coils to ensure seamless integration of all frequency ranges.

The cabinet of the Super Denton monitors is designed with durability and sonic integrity in mind, featuring reinforcements at critical points and individual compartments for the tweeter and midrange drivers to prevent unwanted interactions. The fine-tuning of these speakers is the result of extensive hearing tests, which spanned over 1000 hours to perfect their performance.

Available in two elegant finishes, walnut and mahogany, these monitors are as aesthetically pleasing as they are acoustically. They boast a sensitivity of 87 dB and are compatible with amplifiers ranging from 25 to 120 W, making them versatile for various listening environments. With a nominal impedance of 6 Ohms (dropping to a minimum of 3.4 Ohms), they can deliver a maximum SPL of 103 dB, covering a frequency range of 52 – 20,000 Hz (±3 dB) with precision.

The dimensions of these monitors are 246 x 360 x 295 mm (including terminals), and they weigh 9.2 kg, making them a substantial addition to any audio setup. Set to be available from March 4th, the Super Denton bench monitors are priced at £999.95 per pair.

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