Zu Soul 6: Sensitive two-way speakers in Okuma cabinets

Utah-based Zu Audio has created another speaker from the Soul series – after Soul 2, the Zu Soul 6 comes out. It is less than a meter high in the form of a four-sided truncated pyramid with a square base. At the top of one of the edges, you can see a lone speaker with a small central “horn”.

The speaker enclosures are made of African okume wood. And their 10-inch Eminence speaker is a non-serial custom model built to Zu’s specifications. Added a crossover-equipped tweeter in the center.


The loudspeakers are ready to receive power up to 150 W in the channel, fulfilling the lower frequency limit of 45 Hz with a flatness of -3 dB. The manufacturer decided that in small rooms it is quite possible to do without a subwoofer. At the same time, the sensitivity of the Zu Soul 6 was 99 dB, which will make it possible to sound even larger rooms.

The first Zu Soul 6 will be available in early July.

In the US, a pair of Zu Soul 6 speakers will cost $ 6,000.


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