50 best science fiction films and series 2023
50 best science fiction films and series 2023
50 best science fiction films and series 2023

50 Best science fiction movies and series 2023-2024

The bustling film awards season is upon us once again, and as we reflect on the achievements of the past year, we delve into the realm of science fiction. From films to TV series and cartoons, we highlight the best projects in this genre. We explore a wide array of cinematographies and genre variations, spanning from Hollywood’s science-fiction comedies to Japanese action blockbusters.

50. (Not) ideal robots / Robots (2023)

50. Robots (2023)

Country – USA | Directors – Kasper Christensen, Anthony Hines | Duration – 93 minutes

About: sex scammers are hunting for robot doppelgängers who have escaped from them, who have fallen in love and decided to live their own lives

In a future where fraudsters harness artificial intelligence, the situation worsens with each passing day. In the adventurous romantic comedy “(Not) Ideal Robots,” even notorious womanizers and gold-diggers utilize android duplicates to deceive. However, when these scammers unexpectedly collide, their robotic counterparts decide they’re better off together than serving their self-absorbed owners. Thus, the androids embark on a daring escape, prompting the reluctant schemers to unite and contemplate the true essence of love. Portraying the central roles in the film are Shailene Woodley and Jack Whitehall.

49. Paradise on earth / Paradise (2023)

49. Paradise (2023)

Country – Germany | Director – Boris Kunz | Duration – 117 minutes

About: in the near future, where humanity has learned to rejuvenate some people at the expense of others, a man tries to return decades that were taken from his wife for debts

What do impoverished youths possess? Merely the potential of time—decades they may inhabit this world. If science fiction holds any truth, someone will eventually unlock the ability to transfer this time, selling rejuvenation and “vampire” immortality to the highest bidders. In the German science-fiction thriller “Earthly Paradise,” the protagonist toils for a company specializing in such transfers. He tolerates this trade until his wife unexpectedly ages. As he grapples with the reality, he seeks revenge, aided by his personal connection to a wealthy woman who has undergone rejuvenation. The film’s lead roles were portrayed by Kostya Ullman, Corinna Kirchhoff, Marlene Tankcik, Lisa-Marie Coroll, and Alina Levshin.

48. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023)

48. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023)

Country – USA | Director: Peyton Reed | Duration – 124 minutes

About: Scott Lang and his family are pulled into the Quantum Realm, where they take part in a rebellion against a local dictator.

By sending Ant-Man into the quantum universe, the producers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe stripped the superhero’s adventures of a significant portion of their charm. Scott Lang’s appeal largely stems from his relatable nature – he’s an ordinary middle-aged man with friends, an ex-wife, and a growing daughter. His everyday life not only coexists with but enhances his adventures with his shrinking suit. However, while “Quantomania” may have lost some of its charm, it gained in fantastical elements and provided more opportunities for the hero to bond with his daughter. Nothing quite strengthens a family bond like engaging in a phantasmagoric battle against a tyrant from another dimension. The main characters in the film were portrayed by Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jonathan Majors, and Kathryn Newton.

47. No One Will Save You (2023)

47. No One Will Save You (2023)

Country – USA | Director – Brian Duffield | Duration – 93 minutes

About: A young and lonely woman who lives in the forest near a small town fights off aliens who break into her home.

For any aficionado of classic horror, the concept of the “final girl” is a familiar one. This is the resilient heroine who miraculously survives while her friends meet grisly fates at the hands of maniacs and monsters. However, if it’s already predetermined who will make it to the end, why bother with secondary characters? In the gripping fantasy horror “No One Will Save You,” the heroine finds herself alone even before the events unfold. With no one to shield her from the aggressive aliens that invade her forest home and occupy the nearby town, “The Last Girl” must rely solely on herself. The main character is portrayed by Kaitlyn Dever, known for her roles in the crime series “Justice” and the sitcom “The Last Man Standing.”

46. ​​“Monarch”: Legacy of Monsters / Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (2023)

46. ​​Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (2023)

Country – USA | Creators – Chris Black, Matt Fraction | Duration – 10 episodes

About: A year after Godzilla’s invasion of the United States, an American and a Japanese man investigate the past and present of Monarch, a secret organization that studies mega-monsters.

If you’re a fan of the fantasy film series from Warner Bros., Legendary Entertainment, and Toho featuring Godzilla, Kong, and other giant monsters, you’re familiar with the significant role played by the secret military-scientific organization Monarch, established in 1946 after Godzilla’s attack on Tokyo. In a style reminiscent of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series, Monarch immerses fans in the intricacies of this organization, enhancing blockbuster plots with a narrative that delves into the human perspective rather than focusing solely on the monsters. The main characters of the show are portrayed by Anna Sawai, Ren Watabe, and Kiersey Clemons, while the legendary Kurt Russell and his son Wyatt Russell depict the Monarch founder in two different eras.


45. Anna's feelings (2023)

45. Anna’s feelings (2023)

Country – Russia | Director – Anna Melikyan | Duration – 130 minutes

About: a worker at a chocolate factory in Perm suddenly begins to hear and transmit alien messages to people

When Russian director Anna Melikyan made her debut in mainstream cinema, her initial film was deceptively titled “Mars,” despite having no connection to the red planet. Conversely, with “Anna’s Feelings,” the title suggests a romantic sketch, yet the director delivers a stylized fantasy-social meditation on individuals who yearn for other worlds, despite not being welcomed there, and despite the abundance of earthly problems demanding solutions. One may debate Melikyan’s perspective on progress, but it’s undeniable that the director’s film is compelling and heartfelt, featuring an outstanding performance by Anna Mikhalkova in the lead role. The cast also includes Timofey Tribuntsev, Oleg Yagodin, Ekaterina Andreeva, Ekaterina Novokreshchenova, and Polina Vasilyeva.

44. Carol and the End of the World (2023)

44. Carol and the End of the World (2023)

Country – USA | Created by Dan Guterman | Duration – 10 episodes

About: a lonely elderly woman does not know what to do with herself, while humanity prepares for the death of the Earth in a cosmic catastrophe

What would you do if you learned that our planet was destined for destruction, with no hope of salvation? For those harboring secret dreams, it might be an opportunity to pursue them relentlessly. However, what about those who have grown accustomed to the monotony of life, unwilling to embrace change even as the world descends into chaos and selfishness? “Carol and the End of the World” is a melancholic and philosophical hand-drawn tragicomedy exploring the meaning of life for those uninterested in indulgence or conquering lofty peaks. Created by Dan Guterman, known for his work on the sitcom “Community” and the fantastical animated film “Rick and Morty,” the film delves into the existential quandaries faced by individuals navigating the apocalypse.

43. They Cloned Tyrone (2023)

43. They Cloned Tyrone (2023)

Country – USA | Directed by Jewel Taylor | Duration – 122 minutes

About: Gangsters learn that the authorities are conducting frightening experiments on the residents of their neighborhood.

British actor John Boyega rose to prominence with the fantastic ghetto comedy “Strangers on the Block,” experienced blockbuster stardom in the “Star Wars” sequels, and returned to the realm of ghetto fantasy in the satirical thriller “They Cloned Tyrone.” In an era where conspiracy theories about white scientists conducting experiments on black gangsters may seem like mere fiction, the American audience hasn’t forgotten the dark history of their government’s 40-year study on syphilis in Tuskegee, Alabama. This ruthless experimentation on hundreds of poor black individuals, denying them proper treatment, serves as the grim backdrop against which “They Cloned Tyrone” unfolds. In the USA, the film is viewed as a vivid and biting satire with a somber and authentic foundation. Alongside Boyega, the film features Jamie Foxx, Teyonah Parris, and Kiefer Sutherland.

42. Asteroid City (2023)

42. Asteroid City (2023)

Countries – Germany, USA | Director: Wes Anderson | Duration – 105 minutes

About: during a convention of young astronomers, a UFO with an alien on board flies into a small desert town

Wes Anderson, one of the most eccentric directors of modern American cinema, is renowned for his playfully stylized, ironic films that have garnered both loyal fans and fervent critics. “Asteroid City” is another whimsical creation from Anderson, filmed in the aesthetics of retrofuturism and paying homage to the screen America of the 1950s, complete with its naive science fiction films featuring generals, scientists, journalists, children, and invading aliens. Adding to the postmodern charm, the film is structured as a television production based on a play by a fictional playwright. A star-studded cast including Jason Schwartzman, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Jeffrey Wright, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Adrien Brody, Hope Davis, Maya Hawke, Rupert Friend, and many others contributed to the film’s ensemble.

41. School; Front / Banggwa hu jeonjaenghwaldong (2023)

41. Banggwa hu jeonjaenghwaldong (2023)

Country – South Korea | Creator – Lee Nam-gyu | Duration – 10 episodes

About: As the world breaks out in a war with aliens, the South Korean government orders high school students to study fighting instead of studying for exams.

In contrast to Western countries, South Korea coexists with a sworn enemy, necessitating military conscription and fostering militaristic propaganda. At first glance, the fantastic series “School; Front” may appear to be an extravagant example of such propaganda, with North Korea replaced by mysterious and cruel aliens from outer space. However, those who watch the show in its entirety will realize that it is not a jingoistic spectacle celebrating the triumph of young soldiers. Instead, it is a tragic anti-war series and an impartial exploration of the morals and sentiments of modern Korean schoolchildren. The main adult roles in the project are portrayed by Shin Hyun-soo, Lee Sun-won, and Lim Se-mi.

40. Leave the World Behind (2023)

40. Leave the World Behind (2023)

Country – USA | Director – Sam Esmail | Duration – 140 minutes

About: Two families, one white and one black, are forced to share a home at an upscale resort when an outside attack causes the American state and society to fall apart.

Sam Esmail, the creator of the cult series “Mr. Robot,” recently offered his interpretation of what occupies the minds of modern Americans and how they might behave if stripped of the watchful eye of authority. In his apocalyptic psychological thriller, a family renting a house in a resort find themselves confronted with the sudden return of the owners due to a nationwide energy blackout. As chaos ensues across the country, maintaining one’s humanity becomes increasingly challenging. Key roles in the film are portrayed by Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, Ethan Hawke, Myhala Herrold, Farrah McKenzie, Charlie Evans, and Kevin Bacon.

39. M3GAN (2022)

39. M3GAN (2022)

Country – USA | Director – Gerard Johnstone | Duration – 102 minutes

About: A robotics expert creates a robot in the shape of a little girl for his orphaned niece, and it gets out of control.

Officially released in early December 2022, M3GAN only achieved widespread distribution in January, prompting its inclusion among the notable releases of 2023. Despite a modest budget of $12 million, this sci-fi horror surpassed expectations, grossing over $180 million. The film’s success once again highlights the potency of a young female protagonist as a terrifying and memorable force, challenging traditional notions of monstrous antagonists dominated by male figures. Whether depicted as a demonic entity, a cursed victim, or, as in M3GAN, an experimental android programmed to safeguard a child from all threats, the portrayal underscores the versatility and depth of such characters. The lead roles were skillfully portrayed by Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, and Amy Donald.

38. The Creator (2023)

38. The Creator (2023)

Country – USA | Director – Gareth Edwards | Duration – 133 minutes

About: A special forces soldier fighting in a global war against artificial intelligence discovers that the enemy’s new superweapon looks like a little girl.

British filmmaker Gareth Edwards, known for his work on “Godzilla” and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” continues to explore Eastern cultures in his latest action-packed film. This grand cinematic venture depicts a world where Western nations unite against a global artificial intelligence threat, with Asian countries, such as India, Japan, and Nepal, aligning with the AI. The conflict unfolds in locations seldom visited by Hollywood sci-fi, blending cyberpunk elements with the vibe of Vietnam War movies. The cast includes John David Washington, Madeline Yuna Voyles, Gemma Chan, Allison Janney, and Ken Watanabe.

37. Ahsoka (coming out in 2023)

37. Ahsoka (coming out in 2023)

Country – USA | Creator – Dave Filoni | Duration – 8+ episodes

About: Anakin Skywalker’s former student and her associates try to prevent Admiral Thrawn from returning to the Star Wars galaxy.

Ahsoka Tano first appeared in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” animated series and later opposed the Empire in “Star Wars Rebels,” leading fans to expect her journey to continue in new animated series by Dave Filoni. However, Lucasfilm and Walt Disney decided to transition Anakin’s former apprentice to the live-action universe of “The Mandalorian.” Rosario Dawson brought Ahsoka to life in the show’s second season and subsequently starred in the “Ahsoka” series, often regarded by fans as a sequel to “Rebels.” The series features many principal characters from “Rebels,” including the formidable Admiral Thrawn as the main antagonist. “Ahsoka” has also delighted fans with Hayden Christensen’s return as Anakin, showcasing his expertise in lightsaber combat. Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ray Stevenson, Ivanna Sakhno, and Diana Lee Inosanto star alongside Dawson in this acclaimed series.


36. Totally Killer (2023)

36. Totally Killer (2023)

Country – USA | Director – Nahnatchka Khan | Duration – 103 minutes

About: A modern girl whose mother was killed by a serial killer goes back to 1987 to stop the villain just before he started killing.

The American screenwriter and producer with the challenging-to-pronounce Iranian name, Nahnatchka Khan, first gained recognition in professional circles through her work on the animated sitcom “American Dad!” Since embarking on her solo career, Khan has consistently captivated audiences with her sharp and bold sitcoms and comedies, notably her most acclaimed project, “The Difficulties of Assimilation.” Her latest creation is a daring horror-comedy that merges the time-travel charm of “Back to the Future” with the self-awareness of postmodern slashers like “Scream,” all while paying homage to 1980s nostalgia. The film features stellar performances from Kiernan Shipka, Olivia Holt, Charles Gillespie, Lochlyn Munro, Troy Lee-Anne Johnson, and Liana Liberato.

35. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (2023)

35. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (2023)

Country – USA | Director – Jeff Rowe | Duration – 99 minutes

About: intelligent mutant turtles living in the sewer decide to become superheroes so that people will recognize and accept them

Viewers who cherished the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the 1980s might find it challenging to embrace the recent depiction of April O’Neil as a black character. However, “Mutant Mayhem” was crafted not for the nostalgia of longtime fans but for their children and a new generation of viewers. This iteration introduces the turtles and April as teenagers who bond over their mutual feelings of being outsiders, aiming to gain the respect of their peers. The film is imbued with themes suitable for children, featuring vibrant graphics inspired by the dynamic animation style of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” and urban graffiti art. Despite these updates, “Mutant Mayhem” retains the franchise’s hallmark blend of fantastical comedy and action-adventure.

34. Gyeongseong keuricheo (2023-2024)

34. Gyeongseong keuricheo (2023-2024)

Country – South Korea | Creator – Kang Eun-kyung | Duration – 10 episodes

About: In 1945, residents of occupied Seoul infiltrate a hospital where the Japanese are conducting nightmarish experiments on people.

In 1910, with its annexation of Korea, the Empire of Japan embarked on a forceful campaign of assimilation, rechristening Korea’s capital with the Japanese name “Keijo,” known to Koreans as “Gyeongseong.” This name now symbolizes one of the darkest and most demeaning chapters in Korean history, a fitting backdrop for the setting of an action-horror film that unfolds during the final months of Japanese rule. Echoing the narrative depth of “Resident Evil,” the film’s protagonists are pitted against both supernatural creatures and human adversaries intent on transforming people into biological weapons. The leading roles in this gripping series are played by Park Seo-joon and Han So-hee, bringing to life a story of resistance and survival against a backdrop of historical oppression.

33. My Dad the Bounty Hunter (coming out in 2023)

33. My Dad the Bounty Hunter (2023)

Countries – USA, France | Creators: Everett Downing Jr., Patrick Harpin | Duration – 19+ episodes

About: Young children discover that their dad is a star bounty hunter and tag along with him into deep space.

“Rick and Morty” stands as one of the most beloved animated series of all time, primarily because beneath its layers of postmodern sarcasm and ironic harshness, there lies a genuinely heartfelt narrative about a grandfather and grandson embarking on universe-spanning adventures and finding themselves in myriad predicaments. In an era where, particularly in developed countries, shared meaningful activities between children and parents have become increasingly rare, the series resonates deeply, touching viewers with its portrayal of family adventures. Similarly, the comedy-sci-fi animated series “My Dad is an Alien Hunter” captivates audiences with its engaging tales, albeit sans the adult cynicism found in “Rick and Morty.” This series offers an exciting and heartwarming teen narrative about children who uncover their father’s secret, bringing them closer to him in a journey of discovery and bonding.

32. Bodies (2023)

32. Bodies (2023)

Country – Great Britain | Creator – Paul Tomalin | Duration – 8 episodes

About: Detectives from four time periods investigate the appearance of the same corpse in their London.

The dates 1890, 1941, 2023, and 2053 are linked by the mysterious and central plot of the captivating crime series “Bodies,” which revolves around the perplexing discovery of the identical body of a murdered man in London on each of these dates. This series, inspired by the comic book of the same name by English author Cy Spencer, weaves together four intertwined investigations across different time periods. It presents a compelling argument that the detective genre, traditionally known for its realism and avoidance of fantastical elements, can indeed flourish and find new depth with the incorporation of such elements into its narratives. The intrigue is heightened by the sophisticated storytelling and the dynamic performances of the four investigators, portrayed by Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, Shira Haas, Amaka Okafor, and Kyle Soller, who each bring their unique investigative styles and perspectives to unravel this complex mystery.

31. Kingdom of animals / Le règne animal (2023)

31. Kingdom of animals / Le règne animal (2023)

Countries – France, Belgium | Director – Thomas Kaye | Duration – 128 minutes

About: In a world where people suddenly begin to mutate and turn into beasts, a father and teenage son search for their infected wife and mother.

Thomas Kaye, the director and screenwriter behind “Animal Kingdom,” penned the film prior to the onset of the pandemic, only to find his speculative fiction eerily mirroring reality when the virus began its global spread. Fortunately, the real-world scenario saw only the virus itself mutating, sparing its hosts the transformative fates depicted in his film. “Animal Kingdom” delves into the realm of horror but stands out from its genre counterparts by steering clear of despair. Instead, the film challenges its audience to examine the alarming changes humanity faces, positing these moments of crisis as potential gateways to new possibilities. The film made its debut in the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival and was honored with 12 nominations at the French national Cesar Award, showcasing the compelling performances of its lead actors, Romain Duris, Paul Kirscher, and Adele Exarchopoulos, in a story that resonates with the unpredictability and adaptability of life in the face of unseen threats.

30. Samsara (coming out from 2023)

30. Samsara (2023)

Country – Russia | Creator – Savva Minaev | Duration – 8+ episodes

About: a Moscow credit manager suddenly begins to live in reverse, moving a day into the past every day

The phenomenon of characters living their lives backward, as explored in the Russian family film “Ma(y)ya Calendar” in 2022 and the dramatic adult series “Sansara” in 2023, intriguingly echoes the concept of counter-time, a notion pioneered by the Strugatsky brothers in their novel “Monday Begins on Saturday.” Whether this recurring theme in recent cinematic narratives signifies a burgeoning trend in film fashion inspired by the Strugatskys’ inventive idea or merely a serendipitous alignment of creative thoughts remains an open question. Regardless, the collaboration between screenwriter Savva Minaev and director Maria Agranovich on “Sansara” has yielded a captivating and thought-provoking series. It tells the story of a man granted the extraordinary opportunity to traverse back through his life to amend past errors. The series features Pavel Derevyanko, Kristina Asmus, Pavel Chinarev, Olga Sutulova, Konstantin Kryukov, and Anna Starshenbaum in pivotal roles, engaging audiences with its nuanced exploration of redemption, time, and the consequences of our choices.

29. Closed level (2023)

29. Closed level (2023)

Country – Russia | Creator – Anton Rosenberg | Duration – 4 episodes

About: gamers infiltrate the laboratory where a military simulator is being developed and find themselves in virtual Belarus of the 1940s, where they can die for real

As the Great Patriotic War recedes further into history, the challenge of conveying its realities to generations who have never met its witnesses and who know the conflict only through the abstract accounts of textbooks grows increasingly complex. In an innovative attempt to bridge this gap, the miniseries “Closed Level” by director and screenwriter Anton Rosenberg speaks to contemporary audiences in a language many of them understand more intuitively than the cinematic dialect of old Soviet films: the language of video games. In “Closed Level,” audacious gamers are thrust into a virtual representation of the war, a setting where the stakes are real, there’s no option to restart, and allegiances are not as clear-cut as being simply on the “red” side. The series, featuring Denis Nurulin, Artem Afonasov, Arseny Nikitin, Danya Kiselev, Kristina Korbut, Evgeny Miller, Lydia Velezheva, and Vasily Bochkarev, explores the complexities of war through a modern lens, making its lessons accessible and engaging for a new generation.

28. Trigun: Hurricane / Trigun Stampede (coming out in 2023)

28. Trigun: Hurricane / Trigun Stampede (coming out in 2023)

Country – Japan | Creators – Tatsuro Inamoto and others | Duration – 12+ episodes

About: In the distant future, a pacifist gunslinger wanders a semi-desert world trying to stop violence rather than increase it.

The late 1990s anime series “Trigun,” adapted from Yasuhiro Naito’s manga, stood out as a quintessential space western comedy, captivating audiences with its unique blend of humor and action. The series’ protagonist, known for his impressive gun-slinging skills, was distinguished by his strong moral code, always striving to avoid lethal force and resorting to violence only as a last resort. The recent anime adaptation, reintroducing Vash the Stampede to viewers, brings a fresh visual approach to the beloved story through the incorporation of 3D graphics. This new interpretation provides an opportunity for new fans to discover the iconic character and his adventures without the need to delve into the original anime series. Meanwhile, it serves as a nostalgic prompt for long-time fans to revisit the 1990s “Trigun” series, a work that has since become a classic within the genre.

27. Plan B / Plan B (coming from 2023)

27. Plan B (2023)

Country – Canada | Creators – Jean-François Asselin, Jacques Drolet | Duration – 6+ episodes

About: a man whose wife left him gets the opportunity to go back in time and replay everything

In the Canadian TV series “Plan B,” viewers are introduced to a compelling narrative where a mysterious company offers individuals the extraordinary chance to revisit and alter their past, albeit with no option for further revisions should the outcomes fall short of expectations. This premise sets the stage for the protagonist, who embarks on a relentless quest to sculpt his life into perfection, meticulously rewriting his history time and again. However, as he addresses certain issues, new ones emerge, underscoring the inherent flaws of perfectionism. The more he strives to eliminate imperfections, the more he becomes ensnared by the consequences of his actions. “Plan B” skillfully merges psychological melodrama with elements of science fiction, accentuating its core themes and exploring the complex interplay between choice, consequence, and the human desire for control. Starring Patrick J. Adams, Karine Vanasse, and Francois Arnault, the series delves into the psyche of its characters, presenting a thought-provoking exploration of the quest for an ideal life and the inherent pitfalls of such a pursuit.

26. Mrs. Davis / Mrs. Davis (2023)

26. Mrs. Davis / Mrs. Davis (2023)

Country – USA | Creators – Damon Lindelof, Tara Hernandez | Duration – 8 episodes

About: A combat nun faces off against an artificial intelligence that’s so popular it has power over the world.

In the miniseries “Mrs. Davis,” a world where humans have willingly surrendered their autonomy to artificial intelligence is not just imagined but vividly brought to life. This bold new venture from Damon Lindelof, the creative mind behind “Lost” and “The Leftovers,” artfully combines elements of faith and technology within the framework of an absurdist comedy adventure. The storyline ventures into the extraordinary, following a nun on her quest for the Holy Grail—a mission aimed at overthrowing an AI that has ascended to a god-like status among humans. “Mrs. Davis” stands out as a sharp satire, offering audiences a blend of humor and contemplative themes that challenge our current trajectory towards technology and its potential to dominate our lives. Starring Betty Gilpin, Jake McDorman, and Andy McQueen, the series invites viewers to ponder the consequences of our collective reliance on technology, all while entertaining with its unique and quirky narrative approach.

25. Extraordinary (coming out in 2023)

25. Extraordinary (coming out in 2023)

Country – Great Britain | Created by Emma Moran | Duration – 8+ episodes

About: In a world where everyone gets superpowers at 18, a 25-year-old girl is the only one who doesn’t have any.

The fantastical sitcom “Extraordinary” spins the relatable feeling of inadequacy young people often face—constantly measuring themselves against the proverbial “children of your mother’s friend”—into a quirky yet poignant narrative. The show centers around an ordinary girl navigating a world brimming with superhumans, each endowed with abilities that range from the incredibly useful to the utterly absurd and sometimes even detrimental. Within this unique setting, the protagonist’s best friend possesses the power to summon the dead, while her boss, despite being near retirement age, retains the appearance of a young girl. The series, featuring Marade Tyers, Sophia Oxenham, Bilal Hana, and Luke Rollason, crafts a compelling exploration of self-discovery and acceptance in a world where extraordinary capabilities are the norm, and being ordinary is itself extraordinary. “Extraordinary” cleverly uses its fantastical premise to underscore the real-life challenges of fitting in and finding one’s place in the world.

24. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon / The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (coming out in 2023)

24. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (coming out in 2023)

Country – USA | Creator – David Zabel | Duration – 8+ episodes

About: An American zombie fighter finds himself in post-apocalyptic France and continues his wanderings through a destroyed world.

Daryl Dixon, a vivid and unforgettable character, made his first appearance in the third episode of “The Walking Dead’s” inaugural season. Differing from the show’s main protagonist, Rick Grimes, who originated from the comics created by Robert Kirkman, Daryl was a unique addition by the TV series’ writers. This distinction, however, did not impede Daryl from swiftly ascending to fan-favorite status, significantly boosting Norman Reedus’s fame in the process. Following Rick’s departure from the storyline, Daryl naturally evolved into the show’s primary focus, assuming the lead role with ease.

Upon the conclusion of “The Walking Dead,” Daryl Dixon’s story was far from over. His narrative was extended in a spin-off series aptly titled “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.” This continuation aimed to carve out a distinct identity from its predecessor by charting Daryl’s journey through the post-apocalyptic landscape of France. In this new setting, Daryl faces a myriad of challenges including confrontations with religious zealots and encounters with zombies possessing toxic blood, among other post-civilizational hazards. Norman Reedus reprised his role, joined by Clémence Poésy, further enriching the series with their performances and exploring the untold complexities of life in a Europe ravaged by the undead.


23. Black Knight / Taekbaegisa (2023)

23. Black Knight / Taekbaegisa (2023)

Country – South Korea | Creator – Cho Yi-seok | Duration – 6 episodes

About: In a future world where the air is so poisoned that people cannot survive without oxygen supplies, a bloody conflict breaks out

The South Korean action thriller “Black Knight” casts a somber light on the notion that tragedy might serve as a great equalizer among societal classes. Contrary to the hopeful belief that calamities could bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, the series suggests that disasters are more likely to deepen existing inequalities. Set against the backdrop of a world teetering on the brink of extinction, the affluent continue to wield their power and influence, leaving the marginalized to fend for themselves. In this dire setting, the protagonist, a professional oxygen delivery man, emerges as a beacon of hope. Accustomed to combating marauders and facing down nefarious foes, he embodies the resilience of those struggling for survival in a fractured society.

“Black Knight” draws inspiration from the “Mad Max” series, mirroring the Australian franchise’s iconic action sequences and post-apocalyptic ethos. The series features Kim Woo-bin in the lead role, supported by Kang Yu-seok, Iseom, and Song Seung-heon. Through its gripping narrative and intense action scenes, “Black Knight” not only entertains but also offers a poignant commentary on social disparities, resilience, and the human spirit’s capacity to fight against the odds.

22. The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes (2023)

22. The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes (2023)

Country – USA | Director – Francis Lawrence | Duration – 157 minutes

About: a young man from a formerly influential family becomes a mentor to a girl from District 12 who participates in the Hunger Games

In 2015, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2” marked the conclusion of the film series that captivated audiences worldwide, bringing the saga of Katniss Everdeen and the dystopian world of Panem to a dramatic close. The success of Suzanne Collins’s book series, which served as the foundation for the films, was so immense that it allowed the author to take a significant break from writing. It wasn’t until 2020 that Collins expanded the universe with “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,” a prequel that delves into the early life of Coriolanus Snow, who would become the autocratic President of Panem and Katniss’s nemesis.

This novel, set in the oligarchic, post-apocalyptic state of Panem, offers readers a glimpse into Snow’s formative years and the events that set him on the path to tyranny. The anticipation for a cinematic adaptation was swiftly met, and by 2023, fans were transported back to Panem, much to the delight of those eager to explore more of its intricately brutal world, complete with its signature deadly competitions and ruthless political machinations.

The film adaptation brought together a stellar cast, including Tom Blyth as the young Coriolanus Snow and Rachel Zegler in a leading role, with Peter Dinklage, Hunter Schafer, Josh Andres Rivera, Jason Schwartzman, Viola Davis, Finola Flanagan, and Burn Gorman rounding out the ensemble. This return to Panem not only offered a deeper understanding of one of its most complex characters but also rekindled the excitement for the Hunger Games’ blend of action, drama, and socio-political commentary.

21. NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a (coming out in 2023)

21. NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a (coming out in 2023)

Country – Japan | Creator – Yoko Taro | Duration – 12+ episodes

About: combat androids protect the last people from alien machines that have occupied the Earth

The 2017 release of “Nier: Automata” by PlatinumGames stands out as a masterpiece in the gaming world, celebrated for its mesmerizing blend of exhilarating action and profound existential themes. This Japanese post-apocalyptic cyberpunk narrative, which delves into the war between androids and robots, demands a significant commitment from its players. To fully uncover all its secrets, one must play through the game multiple times, a process that can extend beyond 40 hours. This requirement, while enriching the gaming experience, poses a challenge for many players who might not have the time or persistence to explore every facet of the game’s complex universe.

Recognizing this barrier, Yoko Taro, the game’s creator, collaborated with A-1 Pictures to produce a hand-drawn anime series that serves both as a retelling and an expansion of “Nier: Automata.” This adaptation is a boon for both action anime enthusiasts and gamers eager to gain a deeper understanding of their beloved game’s lore without the daunting time investment. The series offers an accessible way to experience the rich narrative and philosophical inquiries of “Nier: Automata,” making it a compelling addition to the franchise’s universe and a testament to its cultural impact.

20. My Adventures with Superman (coming out in 2023)

20. My Adventures with Superman (coming out in 2023)

Country – USA | Creators – Jake Wyatt, Brendan Cloher, Josie Campbell | Duration – 10+ episodes

About: Journalist-in-training Clark Kent settles into Metropolis, accomplishes his first superhero exploits and falls in love with colleague Lois Lane.

With Henry Cavill stepping away from the iconic role of Superman, and David Corenswet taking up the mantle in the next DC Studios blockbuster, fans of the superhero have something new to look forward to—a captivating Superman in the animated realm. The creators of “My Adventures with Superman” have openly expressed their desire for their Clark Kent to enchant audiences in every frame, and it appears they have achieved just that. This series melds the romantic and hopeful narrative reminiscent of “Smallville” with a unique twist influenced by anime aesthetics, presenting a fresh and engaging take on the Superman saga.

In “My Adventures with Superman,” similar to the character development seen in “Secrets,” Clark Kent does not begin his journey equipped with the full range of powers he is famously known for. Instead, viewers watch as he gradually acquires his abilities, navigating the complexities of his dual life with a focus on helping others, combating increasingly formidable adversaries, and experiencing the ups and downs of relationships with his peers. This gradual exploration and development of his superpowers add depth to his character, making the series an appealing exploration of Superman’s early years and his growth into the hero known and loved by many.

19. Time calls to you / Neoui sigan sokeuro (2023)

19. Time calls to you / Neoui sigan sokeuro (2023)

Country – South Korea | Creator – Choi Hyo-bi | Duration – 12 episodes

About: an adult woman, who is grieving the death of her fiancé, is transported 25 years into the past and finds herself in the body of a high school student.

“Time Calls to You” is a South Korean remake of the widely acclaimed Taiwanese fantasy series “Someday or One Day,” which captured both national and international audiences with its compelling narrative in 2019. Given the rarity of Taiwanese shows reaching international shores, this remake offers a splendid window into the creative brilliance of Chinese scriptwriters. The series masterfully blends various genres, creating a rich tapestry that includes fantastic adventures through time, mystical tales of soul transmigration, heartfelt romantic dramas, engaging school dramas, humorous comedies, and suspenseful detectives and thrillers.

At the heart of the narrative is a poignant romantic drama where the protagonist encounters a man in the past who bears an uncanny resemblance to her deceased lover, weaving a complex story of love, loss, and destiny across different timelines. The multifaceted plot offers something for every viewer, whether they are drawn to the intrigue of fantasy, the depth of romance, or the tension of thrillers.

The South Korean adaptation features Ahn Hyo-seop, Jung Yeo-bin, and Kang Hoon in the lead roles, promising to deliver captivating performances that breathe new life into the original story’s intricate themes and emotional depth. “Time Calls to You” thus stands as a testament to the universality of well-crafted stories and their power to transcend cultural and geographic boundaries.

18. Nimona / Nimona (2023)

18. Nimona / Nimona (2023)

Country – USA | Directors – Nick Bruno, Troy Kwon | Duration – 101 minutes

About: A valiant knight, wrongly accused of murdering a queen, makes a pact with a werewolf girl to stop the real conspirators.

“Nimon” stands as a captivating entry at the crossroads of fantasy and science fiction, embodied through an animated action film that combines whimsical, groovy, and tragicomic elements. Set in a world where the medieval meets the futuristic, knights wield laser swords and navigate the skies on speeders, showcasing a civilization that, while technologically advanced beyond current Earth standards, remains ensnared by feudalistic beliefs and superstitions.

This unique setting forms the backdrop for the story of a commoner knight and a hyperactive werewolf girl, whose ability to constantly transform sets them apart from their peers, casting them as outcasts within their society. Together, they embark on a quest not just for survival, but for their rightful place in a world that shuns them. Their journey is filled with challenges, including battles against formidable foes, navigating conspiracies against the queen, and confronting the deeply ingrained prejudices of their time.

Based on a comic by Noel Stevenson, “Nimon” offers a refreshing take on the science fiction genre, blending elements of werewolf lore and knightly valor with a futuristic twist. It’s a story that explores themes of acceptance, identity, and the struggle against societal norms, all while entertaining viewers with its action-packed sequences and deeply emotional moments.

17. The Wandering Earth 2 / Liu lang di qiu 2 (2023)

17. The Wandering Earth 2 / Liu lang di qiu 2 (2023)

Country – China | Director – Frant Gwo | Duration – 173 minutes

About: Before sending the Earth into flight, participants in the global space program must prevent the Moon from crashing into our planet

Frant Gvo’s latest cinematic endeavor serves as a grandiose and enthralling prequel to the epic Chinese blockbuster “The Wandering Earth,” filling in the narrative gaps that viewers may have pondered about the monumental task of transforming Earth into a colossal spaceship. This prequel delves into the tumultuous period of preparation before Earth’s daring voyage to escape the Sun’s imminent explosion, a venture that, as one might expect, was fraught with challenges and unforeseen complications.

At the heart of this prequel’s story is the character played by Andy Lau, an AI developer tasked with the critical role of piloting Earth through the cosmos. His journey, marked by both technological marvels and the weight of human emotion, is central to the film’s exploration of what it means to undertake such an unprecedented mission. The narrative is further enriched by the performances of Jackie Wu, Li Xuejian, Sha Yi, and Ning Li, who play key roles that bring depth and complexity to the story.

This film not only expands on the universe established by “The Wandering Earth” but also offers a fascinating look at the human spirit’s resilience and ingenuity in the face of apocalyptic threats. Through its combination of stunning visual effects, intricate plotlines, and character-driven storytelling, the prequel provides a captivating backstory to the events that led to Earth’s transformation into a spaceship, promising a thrilling experience for fans of the original film and newcomers alike.

16. Twisted Metal (2023)

16. Twisted Metal (2023)

Country – USA | Creators: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Michael Jonathan Smith | Duration – 10 episodes

About: A delivery driver in post-apocalyptic America gets caught up in a war with marauders who live outside fortified cities.

The “Twisted Metal” video game series, which peaked in popularity during the late 1990s and early 2000s, experienced a decline and has not seen new releases in nearly two decades. Rather than revitalizing the series for modern gaming consoles, Sony opted to transform the concept into a high-octane, post-apocalyptic TV series, drawing inspiration from the “Mad Max” films—a key influence on the original games. This new adaptation moves away from targeting solely fans of the video games, aiming instead to captivate a broader audience with its blend of dark humor, intense shootouts, high-speed races, criminal conflicts, and a roster of eccentric, outlandish villains.

The series boasts a stellar cast, including Anthony Mackie, Stephanie Beatriz, Neve Campbell, and Thomas Haden Church, ensuring a dynamic and engaging viewing experience. By reimagining the “Twisted Metal” universe as a television series, Sony provides a fresh take on the franchise, combining elements of action, fantasy, and comedy to create a unique and entertaining spectacle that appeals to both fans of the original games and newcomers to the “Twisted Metal” world.

15. Zombie apocalypse and a list of 100 things that I will do before I die / Zom 100: Zombi ni naru made ni shitai 100 no koto (coming out in 2023)

15. Zom 100: Zombi ni naru made ni shitai 100 no koto (2023)

Country – Japan | Creators – Haro Aso, Hiroshi Seko | Duration – 6+ episodes

About: A young employee enjoys life in zombie-filled Tokyo, where he no longer has to go to work.

The concept of a zombie apocalypse, often depicted as a dire calamity for humanity, is flipped on its head to reveal a silver lining for those who felt constrained by the demands and expectations of pre-apocalyptic society. This unique perspective is the foundation of Haro Aso and Kotaro Takata’s tragicomic comic, which explores the liberation and unexpected joy found in the ruins of a society overrun by zombies. In this version of Tokyo, the end of the world as we know it becomes a backdrop for characters to pursue long-suppressed desires, forge new bonds, and live each day to its fullest amidst the chaos.

In 2023, this inventive narrative was transformed into a feature-length film by Japanese filmmakers, further expanding its reach and impact. Additionally, the animation studio BUG FILMS adapted the story into an anime series, which garnered even greater success. The series capitalizes on the blend of humor and survival horror, presenting a refreshingly optimistic take on life post-civilization collapse. Through engaging storytelling and dynamic visuals, both adaptations invite audiences to consider the possibilities that lie beyond societal norms and the real meaning of freedom when the conventional structures of life are stripped away.

14. Generation “V” / Gen V (coming out in 2023)

14. Gen V (2023)

Country – USA | Creators – Craig Rosenberg, Evan Goldberg, Eric Kripke | Duration – 8+ episodes

About: Aspiring supermen enroll in an elite university for supernatural crime fighters

“The Boys,” renowned for its tragicomic and fantastical take on the superhero genre, has successfully expanded into a cinematic universe, reflecting its superhit status. In 2022, fans were introduced to “The Boys: Diabolical,” an animated series that further explores the series’ dark and satirical world. The expansion continued in 2023 with the launch of “Generation V,” a television series that offers a fresh perspective by centering on a group of young, aspiring superheroes—or “supes”—as they navigate the complexities of their powers and the moral dilemmas that come with them.

Set against the backdrop of a university tailored for the superpowered, “Generation V” delves into the lives of these young individuals as they uncover the grim realities and hidden dark secrets of the superhero elite idolized by the public. This setting provides a fertile ground for exploring themes of power, corruption, and the quest for identity, drawing parallels to “Harry Potter” but with a mature, edgier twist. The series is characterized by its graphic, explicit content and a cynical take on how absolute power can corrupt absolutely.

Starring Jazz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Lizzie Broadway, Maddie Phillips, London Thor, Derek Lu, Asa Hermann, and Shelley Conn, the first season of “Generation V” promises a compelling blend of drama, action, and dark humor. It serves not only as an extension of “The Boys” universe but also as a standalone narrative that captures the essence of its source material while pushing the boundaries of the superhero genre.

13. Shelter / Silo (coming out in 2023)

13. Shelter (2023)

Country – USA | Creator – Graham Yost | Duration – 10+ episodes

About: Ten thousand people live in a giant underground bunker that protects them from the horrors of a post-apocalyptic world.

Hugh Howie’s engrossing saga about an underground city has captivated readers worldwide, achieving bestseller status on Amazon Kindle without the backing of traditional publishers or significant media buzz. This testament to the story’s compelling nature and Howie’s storytelling prowess has now transitioned to the screen with the series “Shelter” on the Apple TV+ platform. “Shelter” immerses viewers in the claustrophobic yet intricately organized life within a bunker, a place where curiosity about the past and the world beyond its confines is not just discouraged but often forbidden.

Despite the stringent restrictions, human nature’s inherent curiosity and desire for freedom lead some residents to challenge the status quo, sparking a series of events that unfold with both wondrous and dramatic consequences. The casting of Rebecca Ferguson, Common, Tim Robbins, Harriet Walter, Evie Nash, Billy Postlethwaite, and Chinaza Uche brings depth and diversity to the series, promising a rich and dynamic portrayal of Howie’s post-apocalyptic world. “Shelter” promises to extend the reach of Howie’s underground city saga, introducing its complex themes and intriguing narrative to a broader audience through the medium of television.

12. Three body problem / San ti (2023)

12. Three body problem / San ti (2023)

Country – China | Creators – Liu Cixin, Tian Liangliang | Duration – 30 episodes

About: A leading Chinese scientist helps investigate a string of mysterious suicides among his colleagues.

As the Hollywood film adaptation of “The Three-Body Problem” approaches its premiere on March 21st, anticipation builds among Western audiences curious to see how the team behind the “Game of Thrones” adaptations has reimagined Liu Cixin’s internationally acclaimed Chinese science fiction novel. Meanwhile, there is a unique opportunity to experience the story in its more authentic form through the Chinese television version, which offers a cast free from the influence of Western actors, presenting the narrative in a context closer to its original cultural and conceptual roots.

Liu Cixin’s “The Three-Body Problem” has achieved global bestseller status, breaking through the usual skepticism directed towards modern Chinese culture. It has been praised for reintroducing hard science into the science fiction genre, which many feel has drifted towards the realm of fantasy, especially in the wake of the “Star Wars” franchise’s success. The novel, and by extension its adaptations, explore complex themes of cosmology, physics, and humanity’s place in the universe, setting a high bar for narrative depth and scientific accuracy.

The Chinese TV show boasts an impressive cast, including Edward Zhang, Yu Hewei, Chen Jin, Wang Ziwen, Lin Yongjian, and Li Xiaoran, promising viewers a deeply engaging and authentic portrayal of Liu Cixin’s intricate universe. This adaptation is a testament to the novel’s significant impact and its capacity to captivate audiences across different mediums and cultural boundaries.

11. Cybervillage (coming out in 2023)

11. Cybervillage (2023)

Country – Russia | Creator – Sergey Vasiliev | Duration – 10 episodes

About: In the year 2100, a Russian Martian farmer tries to save his village from a powerful corporation.

The “Russian Cyber Village” video, which went viral four years ago, presented an intriguing blend of a traditional village lifestyle with futuristic cyberpunk elements, featuring robot milkmaids and a flying vehicle colloquially referred to as a “loaf.” Created by the talented computer graphics artist Sergei Vasiliev, the video captured the imagination of viewers worldwide, merging the quaint charm of rural life with the advanced technology of science fiction in an entertaining and visually compelling way. This unique concept, humorously dubbed “birch-punk,” resonated so strongly with the audience that it spurred calls for more content, leading Vasiliev to produce additional short sketches that further explored this quirky universe.

In 2023, this innovative idea was expanded into a full-fledged series, chronicling the protagonist Nikolai’s extraordinary journeys throughout the solar system. The series, “Cybervillage,” stands as a parody-adventure satire that skillfully intertwines elements reminiscent of the classic Russian film “Love and Doves” with Western science fiction tropes and comedic narratives involving officials, oligarchs, and farmers. While not every aspect of the series shone with equal brilliance, its creation marks a significant and vibrant foray into new genre territories for television, showcasing an inventive fusion of themes and settings.

Sergei Chikhachev’s portrayal of the main character, Nikolai, brings to life the series’ blend of humor, adventure, and satirical commentary, making “Cybervillage” a noteworthy contribution to the landscape of modern entertainment. This series not only highlights the creative potential within the realm of digital art and storytelling but also underscores the appetite for content that dares to explore and mash together disparate cultural and genre elements in fresh and exciting ways.

10. Sparkling watermelon / Banjjakineun watermelon (2023)

10. Banjjakineun watermelon (2023)

Country – South Korea | Creator – Chin Soo-wan | Duration – 16 episodes

About: A modern high school student travels back in time to 1995 and starts a band with his future parents.

In the fantasy-melodramatic drama “Sparkling Watermelon,” the protagonist is presented with a unique and deeply personal dilemma. As the only hearing member of a deaf family, he longs to change a pivotal moment in the past: an accident in 1995 that not only took away his father’s hearing but also his dreams of a musical career. Motivated by the desire to restore his father’s hopes and aspirations, the young man embarks on a quest to prevent the tragic event, aiming to secure a successful future for his father and his friends on the music stage.

Drawing inspiration from “Back to the Future,” this South Korean series offers a nostalgic journey to the recent past, weaving a narrative that is both heartwarming and musically rich. It delves into the family dynamics and the challenges faced by hard-of-hearing individuals with sensitivity and insight, all while framing the story within a captivating adventure that straddles two different time periods.

Starring Ryoon, Choi Hyun-wook, Seol In-ah, and Shin Eun-soo, “Sparkling Watermelon” stands out as a poignant exploration of family, dreams, and the lengths to which one might go to alter the course of their loved ones’ lives. It is a celebration of music, resilience, and the enduring power of love across the boundaries of time and circumstance, offering viewers a deeply touching and romantic family story set against the backdrop of an incredible temporal adventure.

9. Mission Impossible: Deadly Reckoning. Part One / Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (2023)

9. Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (2023)

Country – USA | Director – Christopher McQuarrie | Duration – 163 minutes

About: Superspy Ethan Hunt and his team confront a military artificial intelligence that has gained sentience.

Back in its 1996 debut, the spy epic Mission: Impossible flirted with technology that didn’t exist. Last year, it finally crossed the line between realistic and sci-fi cinema when it forced superspy Ethan Hunt to rush around the world because of an AI that began to play its own spy game involving secret agents. The blockbuster also offered viewers a fresh dose of mind-blowing stunts and spectacular action scenes performed by Tom Cruise and a narrative so sweeping that it was divided into two episodes. The finale of the duology should be released in 2025. Hayley Atwell, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby and Esai Morales worked alongside Cruise on the film.

8. Moving (2023)

8. Moving (2023)

Country – South Korea | Creator – Kahn Full | Duration – 20 episodes

About: retired super agents and their children, who also have superpowers, survive in a world where they are being hunted

Despite huge investments in Hollywood projects for the Disney+ streaming service, the best series for this service was produced by South Koreans. Their drama “Transfer” became one of the most successful releases in Disney+ history and was watched with admiration far beyond Korea. The film adaptation of Kan Fulla’s comic book of the same name turned out to be a fascinating spectacle at the intersection of five genres. This is a family melodrama, a spy thriller, a school drama, a romantic comedy and a fantastic superhero action film. “Transfer” stars Ryu Seung-nyeon, Han Hyo-ju, Jo In-sung, Kim Sung-gyun, Cha Tae-hyun and Ryu Seung-beom.

7. Kingdom of the Scavengers / Scavengers Reign (coming out in 2023)

7. Scavengers Reign (2023)

Country – USA | Creators – Joe Bennett, Charles Huettner | Duration – 12+ episodes

About: crew members of a crashed starship find themselves stranded on a wild and mysterious planet

The best Western fantasy animated series of 2023 immediately attracted attention with its unusual graphic style and genre. “Kingdom of the Carrion” is a fantastic horror-drama in the style of classic psychedelic French cartoons. It’s a nightmarish ordeal for the miraculously escaping astronauts from an interstellar transport ship, and a mesmerizing experience for viewers willing to embrace an animated series for adults that’s closer to Alien, The Black Hole and Planet of Storms than the average American animated show. For example, there is not even a shadow of postmodern irony here, not to mention sitcom humor.

6. Poor Things (2023)

6. Poor Things (2023)

Countries – Ireland, UK, USA | Director – Yorgos Lanthimos | Duration – 141 minutes

About: A girl revived after suicide with a baby’s brain transplant settles into an alternative Victorian Britain.

Even the original Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos in his new film succumbed to the singing of Hollywood sirens and made a film adaptation, and not an original movie, like all his previous projects like “The Lobster”. At the same time, Alasdair Gray’s book was also not original – the Briton reimagined Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” with a girl as the creation of an extravagant scientist. However, in the hands of Lanthimos, the feminist sturgeon of the second freshness turned into the brightest arthouse tragicomic steampunk attraction with an amazing performance by Emma Stone, who may well receive her second acting Oscar for “The Unfortunate.” And then there’s a third one, a producer’s one. Willem Dafoe, Ramy Youssef, Mark Ruffalo and Jack Barton also worked on the film.

5. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023)

5. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023)

Country – USA | Directors – Joaquín Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, Justin Thompson | Duration – 140 minutes

About: after his adventure with superheroes from parallel universes, Miles Morales himself begins to wander through alien worlds

The animated blockbuster Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has become one of the main pop culture events of 2018. Although the dark-skinned Spider-Man Miles Morales has always been in the shadow of Peter Parker, the 6-year-old film with its unique, uninhibited graphic style and dizzying plot turned Miles into a full-fledged and likable character, not lost against the background of Peter, Gwen Stacy and other “supers” from parallel worlds. The success of the film was so loud that the producers immediately invested in two films about the new adventures of the novice Spider-Man. In 2023, the first episode of the duology was released, even more enchanting and inventive and almost as attractive. “Almost” – because the plot ended not with a stunning climax, but with an ellipsis and the promise of a denouement in the second episode.

4. Pluto / Pluto (2023)

4. Pluto (2023)

Country – Japan | Creators – Heisuke Yamashita, Tatsuro Inamoto | Duration – 8 episodes

About: in a future world where people and robots have equal rights, an android detective investigates the murders of the most advanced robots on the planet

In 1952, the great Japanese artist Osamu Tezuka began publishing a fantasy comic about the heroic little robot, The Mighty Atom, which quickly became one of the most famous and beloved Japanese comics of all time. Atom was born as a children’s work inspired by Pinocchio, but Tezuka often touched on complex, adult themes that later became typical of Japanese comics and anime. In the early 2000s, the modern master Naoki Urasawa developed one of the storylines of “Atom” into a dark independent work, this time clearly aimed at older readers who are able to appreciate all its moral and philosophical nuances. Thus was born the ambitious and deep cyberpunk detective story Pluto, which last year was turned into a magnificent anime series reflecting on the nature of hostility and war.

3. The Last of Us / The Last of Us (released from 2023)

3. The Last of Us / The Last of Us (released from 2023)

Country – USA | Creators: Neil Druckmann, Craig Mazin | Duration – 9+ episodes

About: A man who survives a global epidemic must transport a teenage girl from Boston to Utah who could be the key to saving humanity.

In 2013, gamers around the world were treated to one of the most heartwarming adventures of all time. The post-apocalyptic game “The Last of Us” for the PlayStation 3 console told the story of Joel and Ellie, who wandered through a dilapidated and abandoned America inhabited by zombies and bandits. Making their way from east to west, the heroes, strangers to each other, gradually became closer and turned into father and daughter, and the players helped them survive and reach their cherished goal. Over time, “The Last of Us” was re-released for the PlayStation 4, and last year, television viewers received a multi-part film adaptation of the game called “The Last of Us.” While it wasn’t as polished as the stunning original, it was successful enough and close enough to The Last of Us to make it onto the charts of best game adaptations and best dystopian future TV series. The main roles in the series were played by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 3 / Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023)

2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023)

Country – USA | Director: James Gunn | Duration – 150 minutes

About: Talking raccoon Rocket is seriously injured in a fight with a super being, and the Guardians go to great lengths to save him.

In 2022, writer and director James Gunn headed DC Studios and began working on a new series of blockbusters based on comic books about Batman, Superman and their friends. His last project for Marvel Studios was the final film about the Guardians of the Galaxy, whom Gunn once pulled out of comic book oblivion and turned into popular characters. “Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 3” turned out to be an excellent parting gift for loyal fans who did not stop watching Marvel films after “Avengers: Endgame” and a series of second-rate films and TV series. This is a sweeping, exciting and heartfelt space action film that not only completes the chronicle of the adventures of the star adventurers, but also finally explains where Rocket came from and how the raccoon became an adventurer. The main characters of the film were portrayed by Chris Pratt, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana and Chukudi Iwuji.

1. Godzilla: Minus One / Godzilla Minus One (2023)

1. Godzilla Minus One (2023)

Country: Japan | Director: Takashi Yamazaki | Duration – 125 minutes

About: A former kamikaze pilot who didn’t dare die in the name of the emperor, and the post-war Japanese army battle a giant mutant monster.

The first world-famous Japanese science fiction character, the gigantic lizard Godzilla made the world take a fresh look at his homeland. The recently bombed, destroyed and occupied country proved in 1954 that it could compete with Hollywood blockbusters and offer its own vision of cinematic fantasy. Since then, Godzilla has returned to the frame so often and so routinely that it began to seem that he had become a trivial movie meme, not evoking any emotions other than the joy of recognition. But six-time Japanese Academy Award winner Takashi Yamazaki managed to release a truly powerful film about the classic monster in 2023. His film returned Godzilla to the post-war years and combined intense fantasy action with poignant military and psychological cinema about people who survived a terrible war and found the strength to live on. The key characters in the film were played by Ryunosuke Kamiki, Munetaka Aoki and Minami Hamabe.

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