Argon Audio TT-4: High-fidelity turntable

The Argon Audio TT-4 emerges as a high-fidelity turntable, distinguished by its advanced engineering, superior built-in RIAA preamp, densely constructed plinth to dampen resonance, and a substantial aluminum platter. With its belt-drive mechanism and manual controls, the TT-4 epitomizes reliability, ease of use, and exceptional audio performance. It excels in delivering meticulous quality across all components, presenting itself as an unbeatable option in its price bracket for those who prioritize quality over automatic features.

This turntable seamlessly integrates with any audio setup, bypassing the need for a specific turntable input, thanks to Argon Audio’s enhancement of the built-in RIAA preamp with superior components uncommon in this price segment. While the inbuilt preamp meets high standards, audiophiles seeking to venture into the upper echelons of audio fidelity with a Low Output Moving Coil cartridge have the option to bypass it, showcasing the TT-4’s adaptability and future-proof design.

Premium sound straight out of the box

Equipped with the reputable Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, the TT-4 is ready to deliver exquisite sound immediately. Should the need arise to replace the stylus, options like the advanced Ortofon Blue are compatible, ensuring longevity and enhanced sound quality. Moreover, the TT-4’s precision-engineered tonearm supports a wide array of cartridge upgrades for those desiring to explore superior acoustic realms, with personalized guidance available for those uncertain of their choices.

The TT-4’s aesthetic appeal is heightened by its finishes in either lacquer or authentic wood veneer, with a dust cover and RCA cable provided, ensuring both protection and connectivity.

Enhanced functionality and design

The TT-4 stands out with its comprehensive approach to quality and usability. It features intuitive adjustments for anti-skating and speed selection via accessible rotary dials, eliminating the need for manual belt adjustments for different record speeds. The innovative carbon fiber tonearm, designed with a patent-pending Anisotropic Torsion Stabilizer (ATS), enhances torsional stability, thereby optimizing performance with high-end cartridges and elevating the listening experience.


  • High-quality built-in RIAA amplifier for direct connection to any system (can be disconnected)
  • Serious hi-fi sound quality
  • Simple and solid construction
  • Heavy plate in aluminium
  • 8.8″ carbon fiber/aluminum tonearm with separate pickup housing
  • ATS (Anisotropic Torsion Stabilizer)
  • Buttons for speed selection and anti-skating
  • Delivered ready for use with dust cover and factory-fitted pickup (Ortofon 2M Red)
  • Needle insert for included pickup can be purchased separately


  • No automatic start/stop
  • Built-in RIAA amplifier only for MM pickups
  • Not USB or optical digital connection