Cambridge Audio ALVA MC
Cambridge Audio ALVA MC
Cambridge Audio ALVA MC

Cambridge Audio ALVA MC: Designed for high-end turntables

The Cambridge Audio ALVA MC is a cartridge designed for installation on high-end turntables and provides detailed and balanced sound. This cartridge is a moving coil cartridge, but its premium design and efficient magnet system result in high output levels. For the Cambridge Audio ALVA MC model, this figure is 2 mV, which is comparable to that provided by the MM models.

The Cambridge Audio ALVA MC is housed in a non-resonant housing and has standard screw mounting for mounting on most tonearm shells. The lunar gray exterior finish gives the pickup excellent visual compatibility with the ALVA TT turntable. The cartridge is standard equipment for this player, although it can be successfully installed on many others. The lightweight aluminum cantilever is installed openly in the pickup, which gives the Cambridge Audio ALVA MC an original appearance, although it requires particularly careful handling.

In addition, this solution further reduced unwanted vibrations and resonances. Even the cut angle of the lower part of the Cambridge Audio ALVA MC case of 68 degrees was not chosen by chance, as it emphasizes the historical heritage of the company, founded in 1968 and recently celebrating its 50th anniversary. The cartridge is equipped with a diamond stylus with a precise elliptical sharpening, which provides confident tracking and a wide range of reproducible frequencies when playing a variety of records.

The high level output of the cartridge allows you to combine the sonic benefits of MM and MC pickups. This cartridge is suitable for connection to cartridges designed to work with high-level MM and MC models, and will provide dynamic and rich sound over a wide frequency range. The recommended input impedance for this cartridge is 47 kOhm, which is also the standard value for MM heads. Cambridge Audio ALVA MC is manufactured at the company’s factory in the UK, which guarantees its high sound quality and reliability.

Characteristics of Cambridge Audio ALVA MC

Cartridge type MC, high output signal
Elliptical needle profile
Open needle holder, aluminum
Housing material polymer
Output voltage 2.0 mV (1 kHz, 5 cm/sec)
Frequency range 30 Hz – 20 kHz (- 1 dB)
Recommended phono impedance 47 kOhm
Tracking force 2.0 g

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