Denon DP-450USB: Versatile and easy-to-use turntable

Denon DP-450USB
Denon DP-450USB

With the Denon DP-450USB turntable, copying your favorite LPs and singles to your computer is easier than ever. The built-in digital-to-analog converter is capable of recording music directly to a USB flash drive connected to the USB port on the front of the player. Simply connect your storage device, select MP3 or WAV recording quality (equivalent to CD recording quality) and record.

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Recorded files can be played back from a USB storage device on a computer, in the car or through Denon home hi-fi components, including HEOS wireless speakers. To edit recordings on a PC, Denon offers MusiCut software for Windows, allowing you to process MP3 files and metadata for your library. MusiCut software can be downloaded free of charge from the Denon website.

The design of the Denon DP-450USB is made in an elegant, laconic style. The device boasts a heavy and rigid plastic body with a wall thickness of 4 mm and a weight of 5.8 kg. The table, finished in glossy varnish, has anti-vibration legs and is covered with a neat dust cover. The model is fully automated. After assembling and configuring it, just install the disk, select its size using the appropriate button (12-inch “long play” or 7-inch EP) and press the Start button located on the front end next to the Stop button, and then Denon DP-450USB will do everything himself. The stylus of the cartridge will be automatically set to the starting track of the disc, and after playing the entire record, the tonearm will return to its place. It is possible to install the needle on the disc manually, which will be convenient if you randomly select a track to listen to.

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The Denon DP-450USB platter is made from precision die-cast aluminum for smooth, even rotation. A rubber mat is installed on top of it. A DC servomotor is used, which transmits torque to the disk using a belt drive. The player has a belt drive that allows you to play discs at speeds of 33⅓ rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm and a built-in speed sensor that monitors the accuracy of playback. Ease of use is ensured by the semi-automatic operating mode of the player with automatic lifting of the tonearm and stopping of the record at the end of the side.

The new S-shaped tonearm is equipped with a moving magnet MM cartridge, which can be easily replaced with a higher quality MC moving coil cartridge.

The standard straight tonearm is equipped with an anti-skating system and a micro-lift. It is also possible to adjust the downforce. Adjustment of vertical and horizontal angles is not provided here. The kit includes a Stylus CN-6518 MM cartridge with the ability to quickly replace the needle. If necessary, you can install another model instead. According to the instructions, the weight of the pickup head should be in the range from 5 to 10 grams. The removable shell greatly simplifies cartridge installation.

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The player is equipped with an interconnect cable with RCA connectors. The model can work with almost any amplifier or AV receiver, as it is equipped with a built-in switchable MM phono stage. The shutdown function provides additional convenience when upgrading, for example, if you purchase a separate external corrector. The sound of the Denon DP-450USB is well-balanced and characterized by clarity, warmth, precision and accuracy. Based on this player, you can build a completely decent entry-level stereo system. Unlike the Denon DP-400, the DP-450USB has a built-in A/D converter, making it easy to record your favorite LPs and singles directly to a USB drive.

Characteristics of Denon DP-450USB

Drive type: belt drive
Supported disk rotation speeds 33.3 rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm
Detonation coefficient 0.10%
Support disk material aluminum (high-precision injection molding)
Electric motor servomotor DC
Tonearm Denon, straight, rotatable, with adjustable tracking force and anti-skating
Effective tonearm length 221.5 mm
Stylus overhang 19 mm
Permissible cartridge weight 5 – 10 g
Tracking force adjustment range 0 – 4 g
Model and type cartridge (Stylus CN-6518), MM, easily replaceable stylus with a conical profile
Cartridge weight 5 g
Tracking force for DSN-85 cartridge 2 g
Built-in phono stage yes, switchable
Output voltage (phono stage on) 150 mV
Output voltage (phono stage off) 2.5 mV
Dustproof cover yes
Output built-in interconnect with RCA connectors
USB input
Power consumption 2 W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 414x132x342 mm
Weight 5.8 kg

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