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Disco Volante: Wall-mounted turntable concept unveiled

Swedish industrial designer Oscar Olsson recently introduced a new concept for a fully automatic wall-mounted turntable known as the Disco Volante. In his design philosophy, turntables are no longer seen as bulky objects that clutter the living space, but rather as collapsible structures composed of separate components. The Disco Volante is characterized by two key elements. Firstly, the tonearm is enclosed within a colored strip (offered in various colors) that is mounted on the wall. Secondly, the frame of the turntable is constructed from steel, creating a striking contrast with the vibrant tonearm housing.

Disco Volante – Wall-mounted turntable concept by Oskar OlssonOscar Olsson’s Disco Volante concept features full automation. To play a vinyl record, simply place it on the translucent disc and activate the wall-mounted record player using the buttons on the panel. The tonearm will then move on its own, the stylus will lower onto the record, and playback will commence. After the record has finished playing, you can unlock the side of the stand and lower the turntable along the wall.

Disco Volante – Wall-mounted turntable concept by Oskar OlssonThe wall-mounted bar can be customized with various color options, including green and yellow. There is currently no information available regarding technical specifications, release dates, or pricing for the turntable. Additionally, it is important to note that Disco Volante is a design concept, and it is uncertain whether it will be mass-produced.

Disco Volante – Wall-mounted turntable concept by Oskar Olsson

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