Dual CS 455-1: A beautifully crafted turntable

Dual CS 455-1
Dual CS 455-1

The basic model Dual CS 455 was offered to the public at the very end of the critical 1990s, and the tested player with index 1 is a product, if not completely new, then quite fresh. Despite the fact that it has a very thin body, made of wood using the “double chassis” technology, and firmly screwed and non-height-adjustable legs, it nevertheless has very good anti-resonance properties, although the turntable should not be placed on light structures or indoors We do not recommend using a moving floor. In addition, if the room is not well prepared acoustically, then parasitic feedback may occur, which can cause excitation of the amplification devices.

The metal plate into which all the automation and the engine are integrated, rigidly mounted in it and without a decoupling suspension, can also be considered somewhat controversial. But the plate itself, after removing the transport locks, becomes mobile relative to the chassis. By the way, the level of rumble is extremely low, and it is difficult to hear it.

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The Dual CS 455-1 player uses a separate remote power supply that supplies the motor with direct current. The die-cast aluminum platter has a resonance-absorbing design, aided by a special rubber mat that reduces, among other things, the effects of static. Rotation from the engine to the disk is transmitted through a flat belt. The seemingly fragile cardan-type tonearm has a straight tube; What’s interesting is that the tonearm microlift is mechanically decoupled from the turntable body.

The shell with the cartridge is mounted on a precision torsion bar with a carbon fiber gasket, which allows you to set the most minimal downforce. The user also has basic adjustments – anti-skating and vertical tracking angle. The control of the Dual CS 455-1 is fully automatic – the tonearm itself is brought to the edge of the record and smoothly lowers onto similar tracks, and after the disk side ends, it carefully rises and returns to its original position. For many people, this is the most convenient technical solution – there is no need to be tied to the player in order to manually raise the tonearm in time. True, High End apologists are convinced that top models should not have automatic equipment and that it negatively affects the sound, but this is a controversial issue. By the way, you can absolutely safely use manual control mode.


The model is equipped with a not too expensive, but well-deserved OMV 10 cartridge of type MM from the well-known company Ortofon. It is equipped with a diamond elliptical needle, weighs 5 g, has an output voltage of 4 mV and a frequency response of 20-22,000 Hz. The replacement needle holder is marked DN 10 Stylus (STY-10).

An important point: Dual CS 455-1 provides three rotation speeds, including 78 rpm, so if you decide to listen to old shellac records, be sure to purchase a DN 167 insert with a special reinforced stylus. And let us make a remark characteristic of such a technique. Perhaps the manufacturing company considers its brainchild a budget model, although the price tag of almost a thousand dollars does not indicate this, but we are often amazed at how flimsy the interconnect cables are from players, sometimes even from very serious models. But there is nothing simpler than equipping the device with stereo output pairs organized on RCA connectors, giving the user the freedom to choose an interconnect.


However, after listening to extensive test material, we realized that Dual products retain their potential at a high level and the company firmly holds the brand. I was pleased with the genre versatility of the Dual CS 455-1. Such a player can be safely chosen by outrageous rockers, respectable lovers of classics with a capital C, and admirers of good jazz or folk duets specializing in acoustic guitar music. Its sound is delicate, clean, clear and very warm – thanks to the brand. The installed cartridge, however, is more suitable for the above complex styles. Emphasized precision of execution increases comfort.

Relaxing to the light music played by the Dual CS 455-1 is a real pleasure. Symphonic accompaniment is presented equally festively and brightly in both academic recordings and pop rock. Rhythmic electronics sound very worthy – the energy increases, the bass becomes elastic, and the sound picture is convex. The vocals are also okay. With heavy genres everything is somewhat different. Digital remakes, especially with violent compositions, are prone to aggression and can irritate with harshness.

And the heavy rock on the original records lacks roughness, and the lower register can fail in peaks. However, these comments apply more to the cartridge. Anyone who likes to listen to heavy music needs to spend some time looking for a more suitable head. But the selection process is significantly simplified by the fact that the design of the tonearm allows the installation of cartridges weighing from 3 to 10 g.

Characteristics of Dual CS 455-1

Control – automatic
Frequency response, Hz – 20-22 000
Built-in phono stage – no
Drive type – passive
Rotation speed , rpm –
Rotation unevenness, % – no data
Detonation (WRMS), % – 0.041
Rumble level, dB – no more than 72
Dimensions (with cover), cm – 44 x 12 x 36
Weight, kg – 5.4


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