Genuin Audio Drive
Genuin Audio Drive
Genuin Audio Drive

Genuin Audio Drive: High-end record player with integrated amplifier

After six years of development, the German high-end manufacturer Genuin Audio presents the successor to the Drive turntable. The special thing: the phono preamplifier is integrated and on board. The complete package including phono preamplifier, tonearm and MC cartridge will cost around $19,900.

The new Drive turntable has become significantly more compact.

Genuin Audio relies on its holistic concept for the Drive record player: In the highest expansion level, the Drive includes the single-point tonearm Point, the reference MC cartridge Sting and the award-winning Pearl phono preamplifier.

The latter is elegantly integrated into the Drive housing. The advantages of the space-saving “all-in-one” concept are obvious: significantly shorter signal paths, massively minimized interference from the fragile phono signal thanks to eddy current and cable reductions and particularly user-friendly handling.

The perfect coordination between the drive, tonearm, cartridge and phono amplifier enables a previously unheard of acoustic harmony – with sonic performance at the highest level.

More smooth running and significantly increased dynamics

The new Genuin Drive turntable has become significantly more compact. And when it comes to design , it creates an attractive bridge between retro charm and a modern look. The original single drive with a pulley is now implemented by three synchronous motors that drive an aluminum sub-plate using a triple pulley construction, each with its own round belt.

In order to eliminate engine and housing resonances, a specially dimensioned torsion bar spring system takes over the suspension. In combination with a housing material mix (aluminum, multiplex wood, CDF, acrylic, POM), optimal damping properties are achieved and housing and impact sound resonances are effectively prevented.

The result: even smoother running and significantly increased dynamics. An extremely elaborately constructed and highly potent external power supply guarantees the appropriate power supply.

The tonearm point has also been upgraded. Here together with the MC pickup Sting.

Retrofitting possible at any time

Genuin Audio has a special feature for all committed vinyl collectors for the drive integrated with the Pearl phono amplifier: The fully symmetrical phono stage , valued by analog lovers due to its exceptional sound properties , comes with three adjustable equalization curves: RIAA, Decca & Columbia.

These can be easily switched, even during operation, using the illuminated keypad on the turntable housing. The Drive can be retrofitted with the Pearl phono amplifier at any time.

The torsion bar spring of the Drive consists of two spring plates lying on top of each other made of highly precisely dimensioned spring material.

Upgrade also for the tonearm

The tonearm point has also been upgraded. While the predecessor already had excellent damping properties with maximum stiffness, unwanted resonances are now combated even more effectively.

This is made possible by a specially developed damping gel that fills the cavity between the carbon outer tube and the concentrically arranged carbon inner tube.

Performance – next level

The MC pickup Sting completes the highest expansion level of the Drive. The concept of a system-free body with a single, resonance-absorbing mounting plate in conjunction with an additional magnet and boron needle carrier with a microridge needle is characterized by particularly pristine reproduction. The performance of the new Sting goes a significant step further in terms of resolution, dynamics, timbres and stage imaging, reaching a spectacular level.

Genuine Audio Drive: Features

  • Chassis base: aluminum and multiplex, mounted on 3 damping feet (Thixar)
  • Drive: 3 synchronous motors with specially developed control electronics
  • Keypad: Illuminated for speed (0, 33 1/3 & 45 RPM) and equalization curves (RIAA, Decca & Columbia)
  • Power supply: External
  • Tonearm board: Acrylic glass, screwed with high strength in the tonearm base area
  • Housing: POM, CDF side panels with real wood veneer, aluminum front panel
  • Dimensions (W/H/D): 44 x 40 x 16.5 cm (without tonearm)
  • Weight: 22 kg (without power supply)
Everything is very high quality: The Genuin Drive record player also has the highest quality awareness in the details.

Price and availability

The Genuin Audio Drive record player including the Pearl phono amplifier, tonearm Point and Sting MC cartridge is available at a price of $19,900 and is sold exclusively through selected HiFi specialist retailers.

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